Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Interesting New Places

Hmm.. It has been a bz bz week for me this week. All the DEADlines approcahing. Rushing work like mad cows. Run here and there, slept late nights, skip meals... and worst of all my enemy; my PIMPLES came out at the same time.

Arghhhh.... but as promised, will try n update my blogs..

Here some of the pics that i manage to capture while i was travelling around my neighbourhood.

While i was capturing, I realise Australians love cute stuff...

They have "cute houses" with small gates, small gardens and small garages.

They even have small cute round-a-bouts too... Cute huh. Compared to ours in M'sia.

And cute cars.....

Cute way of promoting perhaps?

Taken along Chapel St.

Jeremy's Fav store Comic 'R' Us

A hot day to take picture lah.. along Chapel St. as well. :P

Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Place,New Environment

Well, first of all, i would like to introduce our new neighbour who lives just right "on top" of our apartment. Bare in mind, we are staying on the highest floor, which is 3rd floor. So where does our "neighbour" stays?

Yea, he's living in the ROOF! With his family members. So what he usually do in his "house"?

Making stupid & irritating noises in the MIDDLE OF THE NITE...

The sound goes like this...
and its not only 1 time, he repeated it like in the whole nite.

There, u can now see who's the new neighbour is. I'm not sure wat kind of spesies is he from. Mayb racoon family or wat so ever.. dun care.. He irritated me. Hmm...

Ahh.. forget abt that fella. haha..

Anyways, this is my apartment where i'm staying now. Nothing fantastic abt this apartment but it is a comfortably place to live on. Its a 3 bedroom apartment where Jeremy, my housemate Yumeko and I had each separate rooms.

Introducing.... my room.. :)

n, the rest of my apartment....

Some of my classmate who came to our to me tat "Wah... ur house is an antique lah!, cannot see all these electrical items in other houses already....."


Hello Melbourne

Time flies.. and i'm now in Melb for more than a month. Melbourne... Wat can say abt it..It's a whole new experience for me, FUN, TOTAL FREEDOM with no CURFEWS. haha... But, no place is better than home. Miss everything back home. My 3F's.. family, friends and of course foods! Nasi lemak, roti canai, assam laksa... mum's cooking too...

Captured some nice blue skies on my way to Melb. Feels like in heaven. haha..

Anyway, not forgetting my precious pets at home, ah bai and ah ham.. Miss u both too. Hope you both are doin fine.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bye bye KL

The saddest moment arrives when its time for me to go. To the airport. Couldn't hold my tears back and burst it out before leaving. But i wasn 't the crying baby of the day. Through the "kawaii" pic below, u'll know who was it. Haha.. Sorry Ah Pher..( emo.. emo...)

Thanks to all my dearest frens too who came and send us off. Appreciate it a lot.

Sob Sob... Bye Bye KL!!

Friday, March 16, 2007


Finally, i've created my very own blog. Thanks to Yumeko who taught me to create one coz i'm a newbie to this bloggie stuff. Hehe..

First of all, i would like to thank all the people around me who did all the farewells for me, as well as all the pressies i got. So here are some of the farewell pics. Sorry i couldnt post all of the pics. So i jus chose it randomly. :)

The ever sweet Cochraneans Girls!

My cute granny!

TOA-rians, Tricia & Christine

Lovely cousin sis!

Will update u guys more abt the happenings here. (if time allows).....