Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I'm Back!

Where have i been? *sigh..

I've been disconnected to the world for 11 days. My internet connection jus died like tat without any notice. Called "Telstra" (OZ's Telekom), n their service really like m'sia's telekom. Slow-mo like turtle.. Beh tahan!! Sommore have to verify this n tat, need to ask permission from my landlady... bla bla bla.... *sienz

Finally last 2 days the technician came. Check, check, fix, fix... manatau is the modem spoilt.

No wonder.. After replacing the modem to a new one, try to online. Aiks, still cannot. This time have to re-set another new password. Sigh.. have to wait again.

Later that night, my landlady sms-ed me a new password for the modem. Try to connect again. Tak boleh!! Aiyo... the new password is not working, what's wrong with it lahh!!!

Called my landlady again. i oso paiseh to call her n nag her so many times but wat to do, she's the landlady. She purposely came to our apartment n called up Telstra to report about this again. In the end, after so much of waiting on the phone, answering stupid questions, we managed to online back. Relieved. It has been so long nvr heard the msn message tone. haha..

After this 11 days without internet, 3 of us, Jeremy, Yumeko n I felt tremendously depressed. Wat we did was watching dramas all the time. Besides tat, we really got nothing better to do. We realised we rely too much on the internet n hard to live without it. Luckily i was working throughout the week, can pass my time easier. lol..

Will be back with more post! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Last Monday was my dad's birthday. I sent him a msg n wished him n asked him to enjoy on his big day. Usually he'll reply my msg, thank me or wat so ever. But this time he didn't. So i thought he was bz or anything lor. On that nite itself, i saw my mum on msn. I asked her whether did my dad got my birthday msg for him. She said yes but she told me my dad was having fever since that morning itself too which was on his birthday. He slept the whole day, that's y didn't reply me. Poor thing.. sick on his birthday.. :( Then I told my mum to take good care of his lo kong lor.

2 days later, i saw my mum on msn again. She told me my dad's car broken down in d middle of the busiest round-a-bout near my house. I was like... har.. so cham meh.. so unlucky wan. The car cannot b fixed even the car mechanic came. No choice, have to b towed to the car service centre lor. aih... Moreover, my mum told me my dad was still on fever, she suspect he got infected by dengue fever. aiyohh... fingers crossed hopefully tat won't happen lar.

Manatau tat nite itself again, my aunt called me telling me my dad admitted the hospital! Really kena dengue leh. Walao.. i just got back from work only n quickly messaged my mum. I guess she don't want me to worry tat's y she din inform me. She replied me saying my dad admitted to hospital lor. n his red blood level is dropping now. If this continues, he might need blood transfusion.


I was worried sick tat time. *Sigh... Dengue fever can be serious at times oso. Can lead to death. Hmm.. pray hard, pray hard...

I msged my mum again today asking her about my dad's condition. She didn't reply me instead my dad did. Relieved when i saw his msg saying tat he's ok n asked me not to worry about him and he should be discharged by 2moro.. Fuhh.... My aunt called me as well coz she did called my mum to ask abt my dad too. She told me my dad even said he's fit to discharge from hospital d wan. Mayb the doctor wanna make money by asking him to stay for another day. haha.

Kesian my mum oso la, have to take care of my dad for the whole day in d hospital. Sure tired oso. Bro went outstation pulak. aiks..

Get well soon la dad! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


After so long of job hunting, sent out more than 10 resumes, went for one interview, i finally got myself a job! Fuhhhh... but i've wasted more than a month at home doin absolutely nothing!

But anyhow, i'm glad and happy tat i got a job though its a part time one. Atleast i can earn some extra bucks to spend n i can now plan my holiday trip end of d year!

I started my training last week in an asian food stall in a food court. This stall offer all sorts of asian cuisine like cook to order food like nasi lemak, curry laksa, roti canai, etc. They do offer foods like honey chicken, sweet sour pork, mixed vege, etc to b ordered from the food bar. Basically, my duty is to scoop the dishes from the food bar for customer. It's more or less like the "chap fan" (mix rice) concept in M'sia except for the customers wouldn't need to scoop their own food.

In short, i need to serve, scoop food and be the cashier as well.

My 1st day of work was literally tiring n tedious though i only worked for 3 hrs. Mayb i'm still new and not used to the place yet. It's really an eye opener for me as i've nvr involved in such job b4. I get to experience quite a number of things include:

1. How to throw food. Yeshhh, i was taught to throw foods that are not fresh. For me, i think its a huge wastage problem lor. The foods are still edible just that it looks a but yuck n need to b thrown away. I felt guilty oso leh but wat to do, i was ordered to do so. sorry ya foods... :(

2. To use the cash machine. Let me tell u guys a lil' secret, when i was a kid i used to hav this ambition of becoming a cashier. haha... In a way, i achieved my ambition. haha. But now, i dun like it d, coz d machine is not user friendly. If there's an error, i'll b panic-ing d n thus will get scolded. Luckily i'm in graphics course now. :)

3. Serve different customers each day. Some guai lous are really good n well mannered n some can b really nasty.

Besides all those, i still need do the washing for the food bar area, re-stock drinks, check food temperature, re-fill the utensils, bla bla bla.....

I'm quite happy with this job except for some of the people i work with. They are not as friendly as i thought lor. Probably because they are the "senior" and i'm the newbie there. So there must be some gap between us. Rachel who got this same job as mine face the same situation too. They tend to ignore us and only chat among the other "seniors". *Sigh. I did tried to open some conversation with them but it seems to be useless also. Even if i'm new here oso dun need like tat gua.... :( I told myself, for the sake of $$$, i'll tolerate. LOL

aiks.. too much complaining tim.. hehe... anyways, i'm still undergoin my training which will last for 6 weeks. Can't predict what will happen after tat. haha. of coz i hope they'll confirm me lah. :) wish me luck again ya...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's Winter, It's snow time!

B4 the winter break begun, my classmates n i already planned to go for skiing. Since we are already here in Melb, we don't wanna miss our chance. Check out all the pricing, compare here n there. Little did we know, the package for skiing is not cheap at all! We need to hire everything ourselves from jacket, pants, boots n to skiing gears. Not only tat, wat abt transportation, entrance fee n ski training fees?? Fuhh.... All add together sure expensive lorr. Initially, we planned to overnite on the mountain, but after much counting, we decided to go for a day trip. Cheaper lorr...

B4 we could plan the trip, Yumeko, Jeremy & 1 got a chance to go for a free excrusion to another mountain, Lake Mountain. Why u ask? haha.. Bcoz we are kind hearted lor. kekeke... We volunteered to become the host for our uni's orientation. This free excrusion is actually for new students only, but we as host oso can join but of coz privilege goes to the new students 1st lah. But too bad Yumeko can't join us as she'll be leaving for Auckland on tat week too. So, only both of us went.

The trip was on 11th July. Throughout the days in Melbourne, we woke up the earliest on that day! We need to be on the bus at 6 in d morning. By 5.45am, we left the house. Which means we woke up at 4.45am! Aiyo... Now winter samo, it was so damn cold tat morning. Both of us wore 4 layers of top plus a jacket n 2 pairs of socks as we knew it's gonna be very cold on the mountain. We packed our breakfast, lunch n even dinner there. haha.. Sandwiches only lah. We worried the food there will b expensive.

We were on d bus at 6am sharp, but there were still quite a number of ppl still weren't there. Sigh. Waited till 6.30am then only we begin our journey. But still have to drop by to other Swinburne's campuses then only to Lake Mountain.

Us, in the bus looking tired n sleepy. Saw my puffy eyes? I think it was only 6am when the pic was taken. The sky still dark dark wan.. *yawn

We dropped by another campus of our uni in Lilydale. Their campus is 10 times bigger than our tiny mini campus lorrr... n their view is soooo nice with all the greenie grass n magnificent sights. My campus is d top one. Plus our view is.... a whole stretch of shops with trams here n there. Unfair lor. We oso fr Swinburne ma, y theirs wan so nice?? grr....

Haha. enuff of tat. I got carried away d. Back to my snow story. keke.. Yeah, so when we were reach the mountain, we saw snow on the road. Oh my! Our 1st time seeing real snow. So excited n happy abt it. B4 we went up the mountain, we hired snow pants, boots n toboggan! Not too expensive. $6.50 each item. Lake Mountain, here we come!

Finally reached the mountain. Unbelievable.... Snow everywhere. muahahaha... We met another orientation volunteer there, Khamkha from Laos. The rest of the orientation host who signed up din show up. Wonder y they din go. We straight away went tobogganing. The mountain was crowded with humans as it was a school holiday. aiks. wrong timing..

The toboggan was quite fun indeed but it hurt my buttocks coz it was too bumpy when i slide down. Woo hoo...!! Luckily we din ski, or else lagi lah.. i saw those ppl who skied fell till so charm. 360 degrees oso got. *Ouch...

Saw this plant covered with snow. So nice.

After tobogganing for almost 2 hrs, we begun to feel bored d. haha. Ntg much to do there bcoz the mountain is quite small. Kesian nye... So we went for our lunch with our pre-packed sandwiches. At that moment, really feel like drinking hot coffee. I saw ppl had chips on the mountain earlier on n we went looking where they bought it. YAY! Found it but the queue was damn long. Eventually we bought ourselves a pack of hot, tasty n delicious chips, according to the packing. But once we had our 1st bite it was NOT the taste as wat it stated on the packing. Cheh..

After our lunch, toboggan again for a while n headed to another side of the mountain. We are going to the mountain summit!

The snow on this side of mountain was so much nicer than the one we went tobogganing. At least it looks real lor, not like man-made-snow. All of sudden, i felt like I'm in a studio filled with snow... haha..

It took us abt 30 mins to reach the summit. We almost gave up as we were fatigued n exhausted to climb up d. But after we asked ppl tat coming down the mountain when we were on the way up, most of them complimented the view is superbly nice and saying tat we'll love it. haha. So i tought it will be very nice. That gave us courage to continue our journey. haha.

Walk, walk n walk.... Then we saw a sign showing "The Mountain Summit". Muahaha.. Sudah sampai. Finally.. But, but, but..... this is the summit ah?

Like that only ah? Nothing much to see oso wan. *Sigh...... Balik lorr since it's almost time to go ady.

We slided down with our toboggan... Within mins, we reached down d mountain d. So fast! haha.. but on our way down, accidents happened. haha. We nearly bang on d tree coz the toboggan moved too fast, n we cant control the direction. Luckily we manage to avoid it or else.. hahaha.. cannot blog here ady.

On our way down oso, we saw one cute snowman stood there so cute. Got carrot sommore. Geng ah... Since i din make snowman oso, took a pic with it, pretend i made it one.. kekeke..

Dunno who so free, made a rest stop with a tiny mini bench. I think is for ppl tat tak larat go up, to rest there a while.. LOL. But how come i din see tat when i was on my way up? hmm..

One last pic of part of the mountain. That was where we toboggan. Small area horr...

Now, planning for the next mountain trip b4 our new semester commences. This time to Mt. Buller d, higher n bigger mountain. Of coz, more money to be spent oso ler. Till then, cheerio!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aus punye Lemak

Since we are still on our semester break now, Rachel n I decided to cook some M'sian food. Not pan mee, not char kuey teow, but NASI LEMAK. Hmm.... But first of all, need to seek some tips n advise from professional 1st lah. My mum. lol. She was shocked when she 1st heard tat we wanted to cook nasi lemak.

"Wah, very ma fan one wo. Need to cook the sambal, the rice, a lot of skills needed," she said.

At 1st i was hesitating too. But since we are still free now, y not try it. U nvr try, u nvr know. haha. So, we decided to challege ourselves. We went to Victoria Market the day b4 to look for our ingredients. Din get to buy anything fr there coz mahal. Then found pandan leaf for our nasi lemak in a nearby asian grocery which cost us $1.50 for 2-3 pcs. So expensive! Tak pe.

Head to another asian grocery in city. Found most of our ingredients we needed. Bought the other essentials from supermarket.

So here comes the day. We girls were the chef while the guys do nothing except playing games. hmmphh..! haha. Nvrm.. later u guys will have to do the washing... haha... We started cooking by 2pm. Blend our chilli paste, shallots and garlic for our sambal ikan bilis.

Next, we put the blended ingredients onto the pan n stir, stir n stir with anchovies n onions for almost an hour. Fuhhhh.... Kesian Rachel have to stir it. We tried the sambal again n again. Hope to get the taste like wat we have in M'sia. The sambal was very bitter in the beginning, n we added heaps of water, salt n sugar to cover the bitterness. We weren't tat sure whether was tat a right method. In the end, we achieved the taste we was hoping for.

Next dish, our Rendang Chicken. Of coz we din make d rendang. Just bought the ready made paste. Dump the chicken into the paste n stirred for almost half n hour or so. This time is my turn to stir. Really tiring! Since we can't dump all the chicken to the rendang, we fried the remaining chickens.

Cut cucumbers, boiled eggs and fried the anchovies n peanuts as side dish for nasi lemak. Luckily Rachel cooked the rice the nite b4 or else, more work to be done. We even cooked red bean desert for... our desert. lol.

Only 2 of us but have to cooked so many dishes. Eventually we got everything done by 6pm. We stood in the kitchen for more than 4 hours! Imagine.....

Introducing.... Aus Nasi Lemak!

The chefs n the playa's.....

Macam sedap but dunno how it taste like yet....

Hmmm..... up close....

The reactions....

What do u think?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Good Old Days

Been browsing through pictures from my photo gallery n brings back sweet & joyful memories to me. Miss those days where we get to hang along with everyone happily. From primary school friends to office collegues and now uni mates. I've enjoyed every moments i spent with all of them.

So Po Leng!! :P She's my best listener, shopping mate n a good person to talk to. I still remember b4 we bcame best friends, we fought for some silly matter. We knew each other since Form 1 and during tat time, i was quite short n small sized. Form 1 mahh.... hehe.. Then here comes the funny part. I forgot how it happened but this Ms Lee Li Leng teased me by saying.....

"Wah, yr bag so heavy, no wonder you so short lahh..."

Walao, i was so angry tat time n since then, we never talked to each other more than months. lol. Then dunno how we got back together n all os sudden soooo fren d. I think she appologized to me. haha.. We still bring up this topic occasionally n we'll laugh all about it. Anyways, cherished all the time we spent together.

I missed my secondary school school mate as well. I'm glad we still can meet up once a while after we graduated. Though all of us are going into separate paths now, hope that we still can remain our friendship. All the best to those who r still studying or working now.

My life in college were awesome n unforgetable. Been through a lot of ups n downs, fights and arguements. All these made all of us grown up. Can't describe how fun it was when we go for trips, outings or even when we have meals together. Happy tat most of u already got a good job in hand.

Foundation yr classmates....

2nd & 3rd yr classmates....

My darlings... Tricia n Christine. Miss hanging out with u both oso. Tricia was my first fren i knew in college during 1st day of orientation. The way we met was unforgetable too. We start talking to each other in english, so fluent samo. Then eventually i raised up the question,

"Do u speak cantonese?"

haha.. Dunno y i asked her tat. Since then, we were good friends. She helped me a lot during my college days. Though she shifted to another college in 2nd year, but we kept in touch till now. Glad to know u my darling. :)

The ever funny 6. They are Jeremy's best buddies. I was introduced to them few years back. Whenever u're with them, there'll never be a moment of silence. Plus there'll be non-stop laughters also as they crack funny jokes all the time. Nice hanging out with them together with their girlfriends.

After graduating college, time to step into the world of graphic design. My 1st job was in a small design agency located 5 mins drive from my house. Though is a small agency, i learnt a lot through my collegues n boss who has always gave me guidance n advises in various aspects.

Known this girl since my childhood days. It has been 17 years of friendship till now. We use keep in touch by writing letters to each other though she live in Cheras n i was in Ampang. lol. But we lost contact for a couple of years till we met each other in tuition centre a few yrs back. Tat's fate. :) Happy to see u back girl!

Last but no least, my beloved family members. Missing them heaps. Time really flies. Everything's just like yesterday. I dowan to grow up so fast!! But i'll b 22 soon.... arghhh... no!!!!! haha...

Sorry if i missed out any pics of u who's reading my blog now. Tried my best to compile everything here. :)
p.s. Fang, i don't have a pics of u. so sorry. :( If i ever see u again, which i'm sure i'll , i'll take loads n loads pic of it with u.. =)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Luxurious Dinner

It has been a while we never eat any seafood even fishes in Melb. I've got this phobia of eating fish coz everytime i bought one fr chinese grocery shop, sure not fresh n fishy. yuck! So this time we plan to buy fresh fish from market.. no more fr that grocery shop.

So yesterday we went n survey for fishes.. FRESH ONES.. Went to Coles first to see whether is there any suitable ones as jeremy suggested we cook something like wat they hav in Manhatthan Fish Market. Fuiyohh... Samo with their famous lemon garlic butter sauce. No ngam punye fish BUT saw something on a very special price. LOBSTER! Only cost $4 for half of it. Not very big though but it was really CHEAP..

Without hesitating, terus buy. haha. I doubt it'll b fresh since they sell it for so cheap worr.. Next stop, to Prahran Market, a market near my place. Pretty clean n neat market compared to ours in M'sia.

Another one with my "si lai" look.. With shopping trolley samor.. :P

Walk walk to the seafood section, then saw mussels. We were thinking, since we bought lobster, y not some mussels? Initially we asked for 6 pcs coz we dunno how much mar, scared expensive. The lady weighed it, "That will be 80 cents". We were like.... "SO CHEAP?" haha. "Then make it 10 pcs we replied", which only cost us $1.25.

Every shop there were shouting to promote their seafoods. "$5! Cheap cheap!" So happen we hopped to this particular shop, their fishes were on "sale". haha. $5 for king dory fish. Hmmm... dunno whether cheap anot but guarantee fresh lah. Without doubting again, we bought tat.
OK! Done with our marketing n grocery shopping.. We did not cook those seafoods right tat nite but the next day.

The process, ermm.... u wouldn't want to know. Coz we oso not too sure wat's the right method to cook all those. haha. So wat we did for the lobster was, steam it and put it in microwave with some cheese n butter since we dun hav oven. Mussels, boiled it and the fish, pan fried it. The most essential element will be the garlic lemon butter sauce.

According to Jeremy's mum, ingredients we need is obviously.. garlic, lemon & butter. oops, that's jus exactly the name of the sauce wasn't it? oh, hav to add in milk oso.. So we dumped everything in, stirred it.. n DONE!
Here's d outcome...

The main course, Mr. Lobster, Ms. Fish and Uncle Mussel. So happy that fish is fresh. The lobster still ok.. $4, wat u expect! haha..

The sauce! Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce.. How's the taste u ask? Ermm.. not bad lah. lol. jus a bit too sour coz squeezed too much of lemon.

n also some salad n mushie soup + bread.

This dinner is rather cheap, should b around $ 8 per person for seafood meal. Worth it!