Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our last 2 day trips

Tho i've been back fr Melb for 2 mths+, i'm missing the place almost everyday. And i'm not finish blogging about my life there yet. lol. So here's my last 2 day trips in Melb b4 heading back KL.


Philip Island

Finally went to Penguin Island with mom & Yumeko. Jeremy din join us as he went with his parents while they were there. The whole package includes Cattle Farm, Koala Reservation Centre and Philip Island itself. First stop, Cattle farm..

baaa...baa... white sheep have u any wool?

Meet Mr. Kangaroo again...

Besides sheeps and kangaroos, there were wombats, cows, & ostriches in the farm .

Next stop, Koala Reservation Centre.

Wow... this is a huge one!

Nah, tat's the fake one.. Now, here's the real thing..

Ermm... this is interesting...

Dinner time! Reached a small town in Philip Island.. Had pizza for dinner...

Lovely beach! Woo Hoo...


Finally, our last destination of the day.. The penguin parade...

Oh.. b4 that, our tour guide stopped by at this magnificent place called The Noobies. Its famous for their rugged rocky outcrop. Nice huh...

We saw this very cute signage outside the parking lot. lol.

We were told that no photography is allowed on the beach. :( So must buy some souveniers back as memory..

Oh, for those who are not sure wat we did in penguin parade, we were practically stood by the beach side for hours jus to see those cute lil' penguins waddle back to their burrows. (penguin's home)

When the sunsets, penguins started to appear. Visitors were tremendously enthusiastic. We were told to remain silence as noises might frightened them too. Those lil' creatures were really tiny. As big as a seagull.

They only waddle back after sunset as that's the best time to avoid predators bcos its dark compared to day time. I can tell those penguins were really cautious and always waddle in a big group and really fast.

Nice trip overall. No regrets!


How Great is the Ocean?

Another trip with fellow Union Street. The Great Ocean Road is a must go destination for the amazing 12 Apostles in Melb. I reckon its no longer 12, probably 8? or less.

We went to a few beaches b4 heading to the 12 Apostles. It was a really long journey there. Approx 2 hrs? or more than that. The roads were narrow n windy till i suffered carsick.

Dont remember which beach was this but it was a nice one!

Told ya its a nice one...

The starting of great ocean road.

Here we are... A hot sunny day with darn loads of annoying FLIES again!

Another view..

Nice.. nice.. Cant take my camera off the rocks!

Next, another beach... if i'm not mistaken, this place is called Loch Arch Gorge. Look how beautiful the rock formation is.

It seems there was a sad story behind this place... (enlarge to read)

Wrap up with a groupie!

Oh, another beach b4 heading back to Melbourne. Its the Remains of London Bridge. Heard that this rock formation was formerly stuck together with the rock on the left hand side. The middle part dissapeared thanks to the strong waves. No idea y they name it London Bridge. Probably it looks like a bridge?

Sick of beaches yet? You will never will when u were there.. Such an amazing place. Its the GREAAAAAAAAT Ocean Road!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm officially a degree holder

Yeshh.. finally my graduation photos.. Everyone has been repetitavely asking me where are the photos.... So here they are..

My convocation ceremony was on the 19th of Dec 2007. Held in Glenferrie Town Hall in a hot & sunny day. Aiyoh, wrong day to be hot lar. We were all wearing formal attire, long sleeves, ties... And by the time we reach the hall, we were all covered by sweat top to toe and there goes all the make ups.. >.<

Here's the hall..

When we reached, all we did was, just sign our names and immediately... 'pop!', someone were already standing there to guide us. The assistants helped us to choose the robes sizes and put it on for us. Hassle Free!

While waiting for the assistant to choose the right hat size for me.. Told ya we dont need to do anything at all. Everything was well prepared A-Z. Good job!

Before the ceremony begin...

Julia!!! Hope u r doin well in the States...

Rachel - Havent seen her since i came back.. Hope to meet up with u soon..

Soo Yee - U too, where are you now?

Cute n funny Daya!

The 3 girls...

Joanna & her mom who is also my mom's ex collegue. What a small world. Need to thank this girl for helping me to get a house and recommend me part time jobs. Owe u big time girl! :)

Both families...

Okay, the ceremony begun... Pay attention to what the Chancellor has to say...

Yeap, that's me taking the scroll! woo hoo!

Paid AUD130 for 2 pcs studio photo shooting. This is the family one, still okay. But the self potrait is just a pc of crap! My eyes were half closed, never touch-up my pimples! Sad case...

Granny graduated too..

Oh, mom as well with the title of 'Masters of Housewife'! lol.

After the ceremony... groupies...

The 25, 55 Union Street Residents..

(Leeqie & Ash) I'm one lucky girl.. :P

Yi Xiang!! Thanks for coming!

Multi Cultural Fellowship... You guys rock!

There goes dad's RM100k. Good experience, sweet memories! Woo Hoo!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Last Christmas...

I know, i know... Its already March, not longer December...

Anyways, some updates on what we did last Christmas. :P

1st time celebrating Christmas in a foreign country. I thought it will be very happening but i was suprised its not, compared to Malaysia. Their deco wasnt as nice as back home's. They do have this huge plastic christmas tree in the city but from what i heard, they recycle it every year. hmm.. weird huh... Plus the entire city was so quiet. I guess Aussies do 'balik kampung' like us. :P

So last year, i celebrated with mom, dad, grandma, aunt Nee and also Jeremy's family as they were there for our graduation ceremony. Also not forgetting Yumeko and Yi Xiang.

p.s. Leeq, sorry we dint know yr aunt n family wasnt yet back that time. We thought u will be celebrating with them. Dont angry at us wor... :) But i know u wont lar.. hehe..

Anyway, we went fine dining at The Meat & Wine Co. The restaurant is famous for steaks. Too bad i'm not a big fan of beef.

Mom & Dad with chrissie hats... :D

This was what i ordered. Looks like chicken kebab.. Tasted like it too.. But the food presentation was great. Very appetizing.

Yumeko's vegetarian pasta..

Dont remember who's one is this. I reckon it was steak..

Dad's kangaroo meat... hmm.. He said come Australia must try it wor.. But it tasted a bit weird.

Well, overall the food was just okay. Satisfied with it lar..But those who ordered steak, they say it was really good.

The peoplessss.....

Another one outside the restaurant..

Darn frrrreaaking cold that nite.. Everyone was complaining on the weather. It was 15 degrees on summer with strong winds!

After dinner, headed to Crown Casino for some gamblings. Hang out abt an hour b4 going home.
Aunt Nee fetch us back to uncle's place as dad is going back the next day.

Christmas is an important celebration for Aussies. Just look at the decoration at their houses. It's the Simpsons! Nice.

Back to uncle's house. Cute granny, posing with Christmas tree while holding a toy dog.

Merry Belated Christmas peeps... :P