Monday, June 30, 2008

Not too bad afterall

In fact, I do enjoy what i'm working on now in office except for what I've stated in the previous post. The accounts that i'm doing now is pretty interesting. My favorite one would be the Levi's Strauss Account. I'm currently doing their Fall / Winter Brochure for 2008. Went for the photo shooting 3 weeks ago. I was impressed with the whole process. It was tiring but fun as i get to experience to whole shooting progress. The setting up, lighting, props..

The 2 days shooting were held at several locations. One was at KLPAC, Sentul, another at Tasek Simen, Cheras. The 2nd day itself were at the studio itself. The best thing abt the shooting was, i get to see cute guys and hot chick! hahaha...

1st location: KLPAC, Sentul. Very nice greenery place.

Here comes the model. Jenna, from the states.

Brazilian cutie, Alex. ^^

Groupie with Vespa.

The couple, Felipe n Nara. Both from Brazil too. Oh yeah, they are a lovey dovey couple. Kiss n hug each other whenever they can.. ^^ free show for us lah. ~~ haha

To the 2nd location : Tasek Simen. An abandoned factory near Taman Maluri.

Day 2: Studio shooting

Oh, n i made frens with this 18 year old hot chick, Jenna. She's friendly n down to earth. Her features reminds me of Mandy Moore as at a sight glance, she does look like her.

Oh besides shooting, i went for Levi's "Live Unbuttoned" Launching Party last week too. Have to thank my AD who gave me a chance to go for both shooting and the launching party. More exposure, he says. ^^ The launching party were held at The Actors Studio, BSC. Plenty of local celebs were invited to the party too. Hmm... cute guys again! haha..

There's Jien, making some funny faces when he was asked to pose.

Spot Joey G, the ex Channel V presenter, also Will Kuah, Owen Yap, Adam C, presenter from 8tv. Not too sure who are the rest tho. Last year's CLEO's bachelor winner was there too.

The reporters...

I forgot what's the girl's name on my left. She's from Ogilvy. On my right, the ever lovely Yen, the Sr. Account Exec. in my company.

Lady in pink, some top ppl in Levi's. Next to her, Michele, our Account Manager. Thanks to her for inviting me over to the party too. :)

Told ya its not too bad after all. :)

After 2 months of working...

1. Dinner at 8,9,10 or sometimes 11pm.
2. Looking forward for weekends, but sadly it passes by so fast that i don't even feel it.
3. Colleagues.. still cannot click that much with them. I wonder why.
4. Felt invisible, miserable and unmotivated as sometimes my works are not appreciated.
5. Leaves office at 9pm, and Mr. Boss said "Wah, working halfday ah?"
6. Mr. Boss likes staff who stays up late and better still overnight in the office.
7. Record for staying up OT in the office. Latest 2am. Earliest 7.45pm.
8. Still paying RM6 everyday for parking as no allowance were given to me yet. :(

Hope it gets better as time goes. Don't feel like giving up this job yet.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I've been tagged!

Shyong tagged me.. According to her, once u've been tagged, you should;

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Fact 1:
I'm a super Snoopy Lover. My bag, my room, my toilet, my car... u name it, i'll have Snoopy in it!

Fact 2:
I still keep my baby blanket of 23 years old this year. I don't use it to cover my body (bcos it's wayyy too small). It's one the blanket's edges i rub on every nite that actually puts me to sleep. ^^

Fact 3:
When i sneeze too much, i'll get hungry very fast. Even if i jus had my meal an hour ago. *aaaaa choo....!*

Fact 4:
I'm a coffee n tea lover. Which is very bad. A cuppa or 2 is a must for daily basis.

Fact 5:
So far in my life, I've been to Thailand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia and Australia. More to come.. :)

Fact 6:
I've always wanted to keep myself fit. But i always failed to do so. Bcos i'm a chocoholic as well. *grrrr*

Fact 7:
I've been to clubs for only 3 times so far. Once in Melb, twice in KL. *paiseh*

Fact 8:
I love to smile. ;)

I dont think i'm gonna tag anyone now. Cos most of them already kena tagged. ^^