Monday, August 27, 2007

What's Happening..

Left my blog unattended for quite sometime after uni resumes. Been quite busy with uni assignments as well as my part time job.

Lately i've been thinking whether can i cope up with my studies while working. This matter has been bugging me for quite sometime. I have 4 different subjects in my new semester. 2 of it involves design, 1 of it linked to business and another one will be compiling my portfolio. To be compared, this semester should be easier and more relax than the last one. All i need to do is to manage my time properly so that it won't affect my studies. Anyhow, i limit myself to work only 2 days a week. Not more than that.

I always remember what my aunt told me, "Study is your first priority, and working is just part time". My mum also told me the same thing. But hopefully everything goes smoothly as i don't want to loose the job or affect my studies as i've never tried working while studying.

Speaking about work, everything seems to go well. Enjoyed the experience and collegues started to be more nice and friendly towards me. Its a good thing tough. But the only thing i really dislike is, there's only girls working in my work place. The only guy i saw working usually work during weekends. I'm not sure why they seldom hire guys though. So, which means, the girls will need to do everything from A-Z. What i meant from A-Z was, we need to re-stock all the drinks/utensils/foods from the store room/fridge. Like this morning, my manager asked me to go down to the store room and arrange the new stock for drinks.. I wasn't too happy about that bcoz there was this new girl there, and she could ask her to do it, why me? Why not her? Just because she is new? But i did everything when i was new too. This is so unfair....

OK fine then, i'll go down. I'm not suprised that she din ask anyone to help me. Atleast b4 this i went with my ex-supervisor and both of us arrange it. But now, I'M ALL ALONE.

My manager told me " Not too many new stocks today, only 42 boxes"....

I was shocked to hear that.. "ONLY 42?" what the hell... Wat can i say? I can't say NO. =.="'

I was cursing all the way there. Can't help it though. All the Coca-colas, Sprites, Fantas, mineral water, bla bla bla... are waiting for me to arrange them into the store room. It ranges from the 600ml, 390ml, 250ml cans..... all in dozens... I nearly hurt my wrist when i was carrying the drinks. Luckily i managed to save myself.... Really lucky escape...~~

All the stocks were really heavy, as in REALLY HEAVY.. sigh... its obviously a guys job. n how can they expect the girls to do it? *Sighs... Shit happens.

Now pray hard that they have newbies coming in...More guys please.... Save the girls from being tortured...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

One year old..

Time flies. My baby couz just turned 1 few days ago. It was just like yesterday when i saw him in d hospital when he was first born. Too bad i couldn't attend his 1 yr old birthday party. :(

My mum told me he knows how to baby talk d. Sometimes he would mumble n sing himself. awww... how cute! In chinese tradition, as a grandmother, she needs to buy her grandson his 1st pair of shoes for his 1st birthday. My mum and my aunt brought him to buy his new shoes b4 his birthday on behalf of my grandma.. Can tell my cute baby couz was so excited abt it. That cutie even flirt with the shoeshop's salesgirl by smilling with each n everyone of them. All his cute action made all of us gerammm at him n will start pinching on his chubby lil' face.

Look at their eyes..

Like father like son..

1 happy family.. another one coming out soon in Nov... hehe...

uhh... cut cake luhh...

Happy Birthday Ivan! Muaxxxx.... from ur couz sis who's far far away now...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Honeymoon's over, Nightmare begin

I'm stepping in to the 2nd week of my 2nd semester.

Cant believe my holidays ended after 2 freaking long months... Kinda miss my holidays though. I enjoyed it though sometimes it can be very boring thorughout the days . But life goes on. Cant be having holidays 24-7.

B4 stepping back uni, Jeremy n I plan to go somewhere to "farewell" our holz. After hesitating where to go for so long, both of us gave up. We just can't figure out where to go aside from city. Argghh... In the end, we decided to stay at home.

Coincidently my hse mate, Yumeko need to go Vic Market on tat same day. She asked whether do i have any plans to "commemorate" our last day of holz. I told her initially we have but doubting where to go till we gave up. She suggested to go to the Melbourne's Observation Deck to have a look. Since she said there's this voucher where we can buy 2 tics for 1 price, so off we go to the deck.

Apparently, there wasn't anything for us to do in city, no point for us to hang out there so early. We reached the deck abt a quater past five. Purposely chose this timing so that we could see the sunsets and the night scene as in winter, the sky would turn dark b4 6pm.

The tic to the deck wasn't expensive moreover with the voucher and our student card. Each of us paid $5 only.. worth it! So enthusiastic to see the blue sea once we reached the top of the deck. It wasn't as tall as KL Tower nor KLCC coz it was only 253 metres tall but still we managed to capture the city of Melbourne.

The building.. Looks like ordinary building only rite...

The 1st sight we saw when we walked out from the lift... Tadaaa!!! Big blue sky n sea...

More views...

Can even see my work place...


Us again....

Sunset luuu....


Looks like lego from top..

Got myself a small souvenier... cost me only $1 .. Its a chromium with Australian map n a koala on it. I'm not sure how the machine does tat, but apparently we get to choose for our own design n i chose this!

Finally the night arrives... Magnificent view from top!

Wrap up our day at Lygon St. for dinner.
Us looking at the menu... (fyi, i've gained weight.. can tell through my big round face) :(

Food arrives.... Too hungry d, dun care abt diet 1st... lol..

After dinner, to our to loose weight lah...btw, the gelato ice-cream tastes sooooo good!!

Say byebye to my honeymoon holidays n hello to my nitemare.. haha...

Friday, August 3, 2007

Gunung Buller

Suppose to post this blog ages ago but due to the unexpected incident that happened to my modem, gotta postponed it till now.

Went to Mt. Buller, one of the highest mountain in Melb last 21st July. It was quite an awesome experience for me though i've been to Lake Mountain a few weeks back. The mountain was wayyyy bigger than Lake Mountain. 10 times the size mayb?

We woke up at 4.30am this time as we need to depart from city at 6.30am. Meaning we need to catch the earliest train to city. It was freaking cold tat morning that we barely could walk. We wore 5 layers again which made us harder to walk. lol..

Took this pic in d train. Can clearly see our puffy & panda eyes. *Tired tired..

When we reached city, we saw this particular building was half missing covered by fog. Can imagine how cold it was tat day.. Look at the sky, still dark dark one..

Initally all of us din plan to ski. We just wanted to b the sight-seeing tourist as the skiing package is too expensive for us students. From renting the gears to the lift entrance will cost us a lot. Coincidently we saw one of our classmates at the meeting place b4 departing. She told us even if we dun ski, we still need to take the lift up to the mountain only we can see the magnificent view.

After much hesitating n doubting, thinking since we are here in Melb, we agreed tat dun waste this chance to ski. Winter is once a year and we are here only for a year. Without wasting our time, we rushed to the nearest ATM machine to cash out.

We decided to SKI!!

We departed from city at about 6.45am n it took us abt 5 hours to reach Mt. Buller. On our way there, we stopped by a place which i forgot the name to rent all our skiing gears. That place was crowded with all the tourist buses and people! We were given an hour to settle all the renting n stuff. Even then, we exceed the time given as the queue was too long.

After everything settled, we got back to our bus to continue our journey. From far, we could see the mountain d. We were so excited about tat. Btw, it looks like the "Evian" water bottle's mountain. lol.

On our way up the mountain, loads n loads of snow by the road side..

Cantik horr... hehe..

The bus driver stopped by the road side when we were abt to reach the mountain top. This is wat we saw....

The ski slope! Walaooo... wan like tat meh.. scareee... i wouldn't dare to ski down lor for sure!

Finally we reached the mountain. We got off from the bus n got our skiing gears ready. Wore all of our skiing boots.

OUCH!!! The boots are killing me. It HURTS! I felt that my legs were no longer exist. My blood cant flow.


*Sigh... Can't regret ady, we paid so much takkan haven tried skiing then giv up??!!

Wore that stupid boots n caught the free bus shuttle to the skiing area. All of us walked like a duck! Can't even walk properly, even for a small distance..

Finally reached the skiing area. It was a Saturday, n the place was so so crowded. For the 1st time we had our ski boots clipped on the runners. It took us abt 5 mins to clip the boots on to the runner. Pretty hard though.. n the runners were superbly heavy.. Soon after that, 5 of us straight away took the lift to go further up the mountain. The lift ticket itself already cost us $73. Ex horr!!

I was forced to go up the lift alone as there was this stupid trainer who pushed me and dun let me wait for Jeremy together who was at the back of me. I was so angry at him because he had no manners at all by using his ski poles to point on my buttocks!!!! Wat the??!!!! Hmm... No choice but to sit alone lor. I freaked out at 1st as there wasn't anyone with me. In my heart was saying, curse the trainer who pushed me. Hmmph! i know i'm bad but who asked him to push me worrr!!

Once i reached the 1st station of the lift, i skied down! wahahaha.. I nearly fell but luckily i managed to save myself from falling. While waiting for the rest to reach the station, i tried to ski out of the station. I was stuck there for approx 10 mins as there were an upward slope. Same goes to all my frens when the reached the station.

My "ski look".. :P posing only.. lol

Finally all of us were out from the station. We were informed that there'll be a ski lesson for beginners later that noon. Unfortunately, we need to ski down the slope in order to learn. aiyo... why on earth the wanna have it in the middle of the slope? We are only beginners lehh...

We decided not to go for the lesson instead we try learning ourselves. konon-lah..

More posings...

After so much of practising & falling, we were already exhausted n no more energy ski d. The boots already killing me softly, i barely feel my feet d. We decided to stop skiing n play with the snow n take pics!!

Meng Jiunn was still trying his very best to ski. haha.. Semangat-nye..

Lying on the snow again...

The mountain view ... nice nice.. Saw the tiny mini peoplessss...?

We saw a lot of skiers there where they can really ski. Even small kids can ski better than us.. haha.. only 5 of us dumb dumb dunno how to ski. haha.. Snowboard looks fun too. *Sigh.. too bad we can't ski.

Our boots.. my nite mare, dun ever ask me to wear it again. painful!!

Snowman time, but failure. haha.. instead it looks like a snoopy head. lol.

Since we failed to build a snowman, Jeremy made a mini one. Still snowman though. hehe..

A group pic on the mountain...

It was almost time for us to go. Took the lift down again. This time i'm not alone.. haha.. But still scary though.

Cam-whoring on the lift. My hands were shaking as i worried my cam might drop.

We were down the mountain within mins. There goes my $73 for the 2 times lift.

B4 leaving, we skied again down the mountain. Though there were just a slightly slope, i fell countless times. haha..

Spot me!

Another groupie b4 leaving..

2 of us.... :)

Bye bye lor Mt. Buller..

I immedietly took off the boots once i reach the bus. fuhh.. feels like heaven... On our way back, we stopped back at the place we rent our skiing gears. I managed to capture the beautiful sky on our journey back. Nice horr....

All of us slept the whole journey back to city. My whole body was extremely fatigue tat nite.

Anyhow, it was a great experience. Atleast we tried skiing n know how it felt. Once is enough for me. :)
Bed time, nitez!