Monday, August 27, 2007

What's Happening..

Left my blog unattended for quite sometime after uni resumes. Been quite busy with uni assignments as well as my part time job.

Lately i've been thinking whether can i cope up with my studies while working. This matter has been bugging me for quite sometime. I have 4 different subjects in my new semester. 2 of it involves design, 1 of it linked to business and another one will be compiling my portfolio. To be compared, this semester should be easier and more relax than the last one. All i need to do is to manage my time properly so that it won't affect my studies. Anyhow, i limit myself to work only 2 days a week. Not more than that.

I always remember what my aunt told me, "Study is your first priority, and working is just part time". My mum also told me the same thing. But hopefully everything goes smoothly as i don't want to loose the job or affect my studies as i've never tried working while studying.

Speaking about work, everything seems to go well. Enjoyed the experience and collegues started to be more nice and friendly towards me. Its a good thing tough. But the only thing i really dislike is, there's only girls working in my work place. The only guy i saw working usually work during weekends. I'm not sure why they seldom hire guys though. So, which means, the girls will need to do everything from A-Z. What i meant from A-Z was, we need to re-stock all the drinks/utensils/foods from the store room/fridge. Like this morning, my manager asked me to go down to the store room and arrange the new stock for drinks.. I wasn't too happy about that bcoz there was this new girl there, and she could ask her to do it, why me? Why not her? Just because she is new? But i did everything when i was new too. This is so unfair....

OK fine then, i'll go down. I'm not suprised that she din ask anyone to help me. Atleast b4 this i went with my ex-supervisor and both of us arrange it. But now, I'M ALL ALONE.

My manager told me " Not too many new stocks today, only 42 boxes"....

I was shocked to hear that.. "ONLY 42?" what the hell... Wat can i say? I can't say NO. =.="'

I was cursing all the way there. Can't help it though. All the Coca-colas, Sprites, Fantas, mineral water, bla bla bla... are waiting for me to arrange them into the store room. It ranges from the 600ml, 390ml, 250ml cans..... all in dozens... I nearly hurt my wrist when i was carrying the drinks. Luckily i managed to save myself.... Really lucky escape...~~

All the stocks were really heavy, as in REALLY HEAVY.. sigh... its obviously a guys job. n how can they expect the girls to do it? *Sighs... Shit happens.

Now pray hard that they have newbies coming in...More guys please.... Save the girls from being tortured...

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