Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tulip Festival

We went to Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2 months back with YAD 3 Melbourne. Not too sure what exactly YAD does, but it is a Buddhist society where Yumeko joined back in M'sia and they have it here in Melbourne as well. They organized a tulip farm day trip which include a BBQ lunch @ Silvan Reservoir Park which cost us abt $20 per person. 11 of us from Swinburne went as the Tulip Fest only held once a year and coincidently that was the last day of the festival. Mustn't loose this great once a year opportunity.

Be ready to see loads of beautifuuuuuuuuullllllll tulips!!!!

How i wish i'm a kid. It's FREE admission!

Tadaaa!! Nice horrrrr.... But the thing was, it was drizzling the whole day.. Sad case... =.=

White tulips...

Orangie ones....

Part of the farm..

Surrounded by tulipssssss.....

Look how sad we were bcoz of the rain... n it was so coooolllldddd that day.. My big fat michelin jacket gotta go out 2geta with me..

Look at all our sneakers... All got covered by muds! Thanks to the rain lor.. =.=

Mine's worst coz its WHITE! Took me quite sometime to clean it..

Arghh.. can't be bothered ler. Take pics 1st.. :P

A group one. Dunno where the rest of the group went. All went scattered in the farm..

On the same day, we met Pei Lin, Nic and her "lover" Ashley in the farm. She's feeding me with Dutch Poffertjes.

Nic was jealous... lol. look at the way she stared at her lover... :P
According to the description board, Poffertjes are found all over in Holland. They are tiny pancakes baked in a cast iron griddle, until light and fluffy. lol.

This is how it looks like... yummie but quite ex though.. this plate costs us abt 6 bucks!

After spending 2 hrs + in the farm, its time to move on the the Silvan Reservoir Park for our BBQ lunch!
This is how the park looks like..

These were the foods we had... It was a vegetarian BBQ. We didn't know it was a vegetarian BBQ till we saw the foods. But it was soooooo good! Really never tried this kinda BBQ b4. Some of the foods even looked and tasted like meat, but of coz, all made out of flour. :P

We had sooo much for lunch, too full. So must exercise a bit.. Let's JUMP!!!

Groupie... ^^

B4 goin home, we were given these mini moon cakes as a remembrance coz it was near Mid-Autumn Fest that time.

It was sooo good... Love it!

That's it for the Tulip Fest updates. Toodles!

Birthday pics!

As promised, i've uploaded some pics from my 22nd.

I really never expect any celebration for my birthday this year as it was stuck in between all my assignments due date. Worst of all, i need to work till 1opm on my big day!

But it was all good in the end. I was showered with pressies, loaded with sms and messages from family and friends. I was the luckiest girl that day. lol. Thanks to ppl that made the effort to plan a suprise celebration at my work place. It was a memorable 22nd in Melbourne for me.

Got this package from my darling 2 days b4 2nd nov.. Was wondering hard when i got a memo from post office asking me to get a package. Wonder who send me stuff.. :P So sweet of her to send me chocs all the way from Barthust!

Got this birthday card right on my birthday from home. So happy to see something tangible sent all the way from Malaysia.

p.s. mom, u shouldn't have ask me whether did i receive anything from KL. No suprise d. :P

N here's the whole suprise process. From friends waiting outside my workplace to my suprised look with the beautiful cake i got! Yummyliciousss....

Great people that made the party happened! U guys were just superb!

n I was wearing my uniform while celebrating my birthday. haha. so funny....

Pressies time. Look how happy i was when receiving the gifts...

Pressies of 2007!

Pics clock wise: Wallet from aunt, handmade Snoopy from Yumeko, chocs from darling Tricia, Snoopy bottle from Meng Jiunn, Julia, Ash n Johnny, Choc Fondue Set from Leeq, Celeste, Rachel ,Yi Xiang, Daya, Yunnie n Pauline and last but not least ...... Snoopy Bobble Head from Mr Tai... :) Thanks everybody..

Picture with my handmade snoopy creator, Yumeko! Thanks a lot, that was really a nice effort of u making me a snoopy!

All the pressie pressie...

I had soooo much fun. Hope everyone enjoyed that nite like how i had. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Updates... updates...

Finally i've got the time to update my poor blog.... yay! but i still have one more presentation to go next Thurs.. arghh.. can't fully relax at this point yet.

Spring cleaned the whole house yesterday to clear off all the bits and pieces which was everywhere around the house. My room was abandoned for 2 months as i've moved my laptop and all my uni works to my living room so that i can have a bigger space. My room was just like a hotel for me to sleep during that period.

Look at how "clean" my house was during that peak time for assignments. Papers, cardboards, spray mount, clothes... u name it, we have it... Total rubbish!

But it is all cleaned up now.. No more mess!

Below are some de-stress moments pics that we took...

oh btw everyone, this is leeqerman. He's jeremy's new roommate. :P

"Minum MILO anda jadi sihat dan kuat"

hmmm..... all the 'miang' look... we were having chocolate milk shake btw. courtesy by Yumeko's blender where we can blend almost everything. Don't need to go for 'Boost' d as we have our very own homemade 'Boost' in Union Street. :P

Study wat graphic design lar, need to print so much! >.< We spent almost $100 each for printings.

As a result.....

Indomie time!

More updates coming!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

2nd Nov 2007

It was a blast day for me on 2nd nov.

Coz it was my BIRTHDAY!!

I would like to thank a lot a lot of people who made the effort to celeb this special day with me.

Thanks to:

Mum, dad, bro, aunt nee, couzzie Ee Ling & Ming Yee and everyone in the family who remembered my birthday and send me wishes. i love the card so so much mum. Good job. Though u cant get a snoopy but atleast u got me a doggy. :P


So po Leng, thanks for the effort of making me a gif file in ur blog. That's so sweet of u.. If u guys wanna view it, feel free to visit . Thanx so so much again.

I've received a parcel from my darling Tricia too. So sweet of her to send me chocolates that made from Barthust. Though it will increase my waistline, but because of u, i will eat it! muahahahaha...

Uni mates who showered me gifts and suprised me with a celebrations at my workplace. It was truly a suprise that i never expected. Yumeko, Rachel, Celeste, Yi Xiang, Leeq, Meng Jiunn, Yunnie, Pauline, Johnny, Daya and of coz my dear Jeremy. Hehe. U guys rock! Also to Ash and Julia, thanks for the pressie. See u guys soon in uni!

Especially thanks to Mr Tai as well, who purposely dowan to wish me when the clock strikes 12am, 2nd nov. :P He "hired" a 'delivery girl' a.k.a. Michelle (Celeste) to send me a parcel. She delivered it to my doorstep but still i dunno that Jeremy was the one who buy me the present. *hugz ;)

Also for those who sent me message thru my mobile, blog and friendster....

Toh, Jess, Jon, Ram, Fang, Poh Boon, Marianne, SY, Caryn, Lynda, Soon, Tina, Shenny, Pauline, Eugene, Carmen, Alvin, Kelly, Kevin, Joanna, Soo Yee, Jia Wen, Mun Kiat, Auota, Sean, Andrew...

Gosh... too many to thank! Did i miss anyone out?? Hopefully not.. :P


Will upload pics soon... very soon.. :)

**p.s. Those who did not / forget to wish me... BEWARE.. LOL...

Assignments calling, ciaoz!