Sunday, November 11, 2007

Updates... updates...

Finally i've got the time to update my poor blog.... yay! but i still have one more presentation to go next Thurs.. arghh.. can't fully relax at this point yet.

Spring cleaned the whole house yesterday to clear off all the bits and pieces which was everywhere around the house. My room was abandoned for 2 months as i've moved my laptop and all my uni works to my living room so that i can have a bigger space. My room was just like a hotel for me to sleep during that period.

Look at how "clean" my house was during that peak time for assignments. Papers, cardboards, spray mount, clothes... u name it, we have it... Total rubbish!

But it is all cleaned up now.. No more mess!

Below are some de-stress moments pics that we took...

oh btw everyone, this is leeqerman. He's jeremy's new roommate. :P

"Minum MILO anda jadi sihat dan kuat"

hmmm..... all the 'miang' look... we were having chocolate milk shake btw. courtesy by Yumeko's blender where we can blend almost everything. Don't need to go for 'Boost' d as we have our very own homemade 'Boost' in Union Street. :P

Study wat graphic design lar, need to print so much! >.< We spent almost $100 each for printings.

As a result.....

Indomie time!

More updates coming!!!!

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