Monday, April 30, 2007


I bought chocs again.. hmm.. i know i shouldn't but its so tempting... & I can't resist as it is so cheap.. It only cost me $1.25 for a box of it. Because it is easter's chocs, tat's y the sell it for so cheap. *Arghhh...

Yum yum..
(I'll diet after i finish this box. )

N da chocs tastes sooo good.. 3 different flavours.. caramels , choc mousse and hazelnut..
Nice packaging too.

Nice rite? n cheap too.. haha. Available at all priceline pharmacies.... & while stock last.... :P (doin free promotion for them oso)


Last week, my landlady, Ally came to our apartment. Not to collect rent but she wanted to collect letters. But at the same time, she passed us heaps of sandwiches, pies, wraps, doughnuts.. Really heaps of it!

When we met her for the 1st time, Ally told us she had loads of "EXPIRED BISCUITS" and asked whether we want it or not. We were like..... uhmmph... *speechless. Don't know how to answer her. Why would she want to give us those "expired foods"? Weird.... So at time, i just told her we have loads of biscuits as well.

I was so worried if all the foods she gave us has expired but luckily it's not. I was so curious where she got all these from thus i asked her. She told me she's selling all these foods. (0.0) .. I guess she can't finish selling all of it, so just passed it to us rather than throwing it.

BUT the thing is, all the sandwiches, doughnuts and wraps have to be cleared within 3 days.. Only the pies can be kept.

OMG.. How can we finish all of it in 3 days?

Yumeko only incharge of the salad wrap and the cheese roll. How lucky.. Wherelse Jeremy and i have to clear off all the tuna sandwiches and chicken wraps..... Fuhh....

Just look at it..

Just look at our peti sejuk... Already so full before the foods went in.. Look at it now.. going to burst soon. lol..

But luckily we manage to clear all the foods within 3 days. HOW?

Breakfast : Doughnut

Lunch: Tuna Sandwich

Dinner : Chicken Wrap

That was how we did it. For 3 days, tat's our meal. BRRUUURPPP.....

But anyhow, we still need to thank Ally for all the foods. We saved so much for our food expenses :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Japan Trip

My mum & dad went to Japan... BUT WITHOUT ME.... *sighs

Too bad i'm in Melb now. I couldn't see the ever famous sakuras during spring. I can't go for the rides in Tokyo Disneyland. I can't experience the fun in Universal Studio. AND worst of all, there were heaps of SNOOPY in Universal Studios...

*sigh sigh sigh....

Look how cute my dad is with the mickey lollies.. lol..

Cinderella & Prince Charming...

& also M.I.C.K.E.Y.M.O.U.S.E.

And the ever lovely sakuras... awesome...

and my snoopiesss in universal studios.....

Snoopy Cafe!!! ??

OMG.... Snoopy Mascot!!

And Charlie Brown too.... awww.... Isn't he cute?

Look at it.. look at it... walaoo ehh....

and more snoopies..

There were massive of Spideman collections in universal studios too... (Jeremy Tai...ur spideman oso there wor..) included undies.... lol.. and i think my mum were obsessed with it too.. :P

I have this small lil snoopy gift fr Japan too. Love it so much.. But i'm not too sure what izzit. According to my mum, it is a tag where those ppl hung around their neck in universal studio. ape itu??? It was sent here through my aunt. :)

The front view:

And the back view of it:

And also the awesome jacket and sweaters. Thanx a lot!!!

Conclusion is... i wanna go JAPAN... save money.. save money...

Mission No. 2

Another mission for Jeremy on his exact birthday. We did not celebrate it out tat day itself as we were loaded with works and i was still sick... :(

Since we were @ home i made small suprise for him.. :)

Bought a lil choc chip muffin for him & place it with a candle..

Make a wish, make a wish...~~

We added ice-cream onto the muffin.. yum yum.. tasted like ice-cream choc cake....

Anyway, hope the birthday boy had a great birhday this year! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mission Possible....

It was an extremely BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ BZ week for me. So many assignments and presentations at the same time. Fuhh... slept at 5 am last 2 days. I need more time.. arghh...

Anyways, back to my "mission possible" .. First of all would like to say thank u to all of my fellow mates who helped me throughout the mission.

Mission : Suprise Birthday Party

Suspect: Mr. Spidey@ Jeremy....

Date & Venue : 14th Apr '07 at my apartment.....

The perfect plan:

Planner Dpmt :(ME) - Dragging the suspect out to somewhere else on 14th Apr

Food Dpmt :
Yumeko - Salad making & foods ( she was also incharge with the accounts)
Meng Jiunn & Rachel - Pizzas delivery
Jane- Super nice cake fr Bread Top

Deco Dpmt:
Leeq & Yunnie

Special Appearances:
Nichola & Pei Lin

A day b4 the mission begun, i told suspect Jeremy, that i wanted to go down city for a walk. Just an excuse to get rid of him out the house. After much persuading, he finally agreed to go with me. On that mission day it self, I WAS SICK! Seriously headache but i cant tell jeremy or else he wont go out with me.

What to do, i have to pretend i'm NOT sick. We went down city, had our lunch at this erm. restaurant where i found "french toast".hmm. taste ok, but not as nice as Kim Gary's.

The suspect still doesn't know what was happening... eating happily....

While i was sick "happily" too.... as i need to pretend i'm not sick!

While walking, i found "TAN TART" (egg tart) that i've been looking for so long in Melb. Hard to find nice ones here, but that was a nice one!

Back in my apartment, my fellow mates were decorating the whole hse while i was out with the suspect. Introducing... the party house.... Well done, deco department!

So, it was about time to go back to complete the mission. I was having fever but still need to delay the time untill like 6pm then only we caught a train back home.

When suspect and I were abt to reach our apartment, i purposely scream and shouted at him so that the rest of my fellow mates could hear my voice. The suspect must be thinking that i'was nuts to shout at him like tat. lol.. haha... Meanwhile, the rest of the department got the hints through my voice and get ready for the mission.... Look how concentrate were them.

Soon after we reached, the "BONG BANG BANG!!" Suspect was frightened by the "party poppers". Look at his reaction.. lol..

And soon after that, birthday song were sung and the nice "Bread Top" cake came out too..

And of coz, FOODS fr the food dpmt.... well done.. yum yum... Look at the nicely decorated rock melon.. Thanx to the ever creative in decorating foods,Yumeko...

Now, to the contributors....
& the rest of department mates...

& also our special guest....

Fuhh... my relieved look after being an undercover for the whole mission. Everything has to be done secretive b4 the mission..

Wrap the day up with a group pic! MISSION SUCCEEDED!

[ And i was terribly sick with fever and sorethroat right that night.. :( ]

Thursday, April 12, 2007

2nd Part of my vacation!

As posted on my previous blog, we went to the wildlife park located in Ballarat town. On the same day too, we headed to Soreveign Hill which is not far fr the wildlife park.
So, wat's in Sovereign Hill?? It was famous because..... it is living museum representing Ballarat discovery of gold long long time ago. In short, it was a gold mining area a few decades ago. Now it is open for tourists and the admission fee is NOT CHEAP.. abt $30++.. Luckily we followed the day tour, everything was included. :)

The whole place was awesome. It was like a very old town and we felt like we were back in the 1850's. Everything was so antique. The have everything in the town including bakeries, pubs, bowling alleys, schools, churches n a whole lot more. Couldn't describe the feeling when i was there. It's just... ermm.. like in the movies... haha..

We notice some of the workers there purposely dressed like how the people in 1850's. Just to entertain the tourists like us. We name them "the olden people"

Some of the "very old looking products"

"Olden days entertainments"...
Snooker Centre...

Bowling Alley...

Schools... with a teacher there to guide us...

Photography Studio..

Bakery.. and there were breads, cookies and pies sold there.. yum yum..

Look at these 3 musketeers...

And last but not least, the gold mining area.. where the place is famous of..
Look at the massive amount of tourists.. all of them were trying out their luck..

Trying my best to mine for gold too.. if ever i found one... muahahahahaha.. I'LL BE RICH..!!!!
ahh... day dreaming lah..

And of coz, another group picture of us.....

Overall, it was a FUN TRIP... I seriously dont mind to go again if we had another chance. hahaha...