Thursday, February 28, 2008

The day they were there....

18th Dec 07 - mom, dad & grandma arrived in Melbourne... YAY!! They came all the way to attend my convocation on the 19th Dec.

Mom and grandma stayed 3 weeks, while dad's staying only for a week as he has got things to do back home. 3 of them will be staying with uncle while Jeremy's parents n aunt will be staying in my apartment.

Day 2, uncle brought us to Mt. Dandenong to capture the view of Melbourne. Not the whole Melb but just a part of it. Went to a cafe nearby to sit back and relax while enjoying the scenery.

Nice captivating view with a cool breeze...

Grandma ordered caramel slice fr the cafe which was way tooo sweet.. She jus loves confectionery... cakes, ice-creams.. all she oso ngam one.. cannot like tat oh grandma...

After having tea on Mt. Dandenong, mom, dad and I caught a trainto go back to my house in Prahran. We sat from Ferntree Gully station to Richmond which took us almost an hour. One end to the other end. No choice as i gotta get home n ready for my convo by 4pm.

Mom n dad on the train. The journey was wayyy to long..

Convocation photos will soon be uploded.. :P

Over the week, din really get to spend my time with dad as i had to work and both mom n dad needs to travel for an hr from uncle's place to my place.

However, i took a day off to accompany them. Actually mom & dad been to most of the places in Melb d as they went there 20 years ago for honeymoon.. :P They said Melbourne city still looks the same even after 20 years! haha..

Morning dim sum with uncle & family..

Time flies and there goes the one week. Dad's going home d. Pics with Way Way b4 goin to the airport..

Aiks y am i not in the pic? aiyah, i was holding the camera larr....

Cousinly lurvvveee...

More to come...~~

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy CNY '08


Oopssie... i think i'm a lil' bit too late for this CNY post right... What to do, the laziness disease is attacking me right now... >.<

Anyway, i'm glad that i came home for CNY this year. Missed a year celebrating with family members while i was in Melbourne... In short, happy to be back, it just felt so warm with everyone around... :)

So, what's CNY without "lou sang"?

Lou ah lou, lou ah lou....

First day of CNY, mom cooked vegetarian... We had chicken, prawn, geese, char siu, mutton... of coz it is all made out of flour... yummieee....~~

Aunts, uncles n cousins waiting impatiently... oops, dad wanted to be in the picture... lol

The only 2 "TAN" girls...

The rest are all guys... omg, i just realise i'm damn short... Look at the "giant" beside me.. i looked like midget... lol

Our family portrait... My parents looked like ang pow that day.. lol..

Headed to popo's house... Finally, my first day of seeing baby Rachel.. If u all remember, i made her a card for her full moon celebration. She was sitting so comfortably on my fatty arms.. -.-

Leng lui couzzie... We played together since we were young as i'm 20 days elder than her...

The ever cheeky baby Ivan.. He looked superbly cute in that traditional chinese outfit..

Baby Rachel was sleeping soundly at the end of the day. I'm sure she must be very tired...

Din really take much pic this CNY as everybody was darn busy to take pics...

Waiting for next year's CNY jor... ^.^

I'm Back

Time Flies!!!!

I'm back to KL already. I had mixed feelings before coming back. Sad as i need to leave the nice place and happy coz i can meet up with all my family and friends! Dilemma, dilemma...

When i came back to KL, it's just like i've never been to Melbourne.. It felt like i just woke up from a dream. I cant really recall what happened in Melbourne aside from seeing pics that i've taken. Moreover when i came back to meet my relatives, it feels like i just met them yesterday. Not a year! Weird.. >.<

I should be happy cos i dont need to chase trains n trams. No more carrying heavy stuff from groceries, no more working in food court.

Tho i dont need to work but still i miss the people i worked with. Missed my daily conversation with customers.. haha.. tho its really boring as i need to repeat those sentences hundreds of times a day.

Me: Hi! how is it going? / Hi, how are you?
Customer: I'm good, yourself?
Me: Not too bad, thanks. So, what can i get you today?
Customer: Ermm... What's the deal like?
Me: You can choose either rice or noodles with 2 choices. It's $8.20 for small and $9.20 for large size.
Customer: Alright, i'll have a large with rice.
Me: Sure. So which are your 2 choices?
Customer: I'll have sweet and sour pork and steak and blackbean.
Me: Sure. Comes to $9.20 please. Would you like to have any drinks to go with your meal?
Customer: No, i'm fine.
Me: Here you go , your change. Thanks a lot. Have a good day!
Customer: Thanks. You too.

However, there are some nasty customers occasionally. They'll shout at you if the foods are not hot enough or doesnt taste good. Wth, not our fault oso, talk to the management lar. Well, what to do, customers are always right.

Some pics with my ex collegues...

Maria and me.

16 years old Amanda..

Amanda's sister, Rebecca.

The 2 Mr Chefs and Ah Yee from kitchen hand..

Miss working with u guys loads! Hope to see all of u in the future. Will definately go back to Melb sometime. :)


My last post for Sydney.. :P Hope i dont make u guys bored with Sydney... >.<

Went to Max Brenner for chocs AGAIN. Don't be suprised to see me for those for hasn't see me for a year. But the chocs there were really good. Look at the top right pic. That was one the choc drink that we need to make ourself. I reckon it's kinda unique.

We had Hainanese chicken rice for dinner on our last nite in Sydney. Thanks to the great chef, Xin Wen who prepared the dinner. :)

fr left- right: Xin Wen, me, Tricia, Justin, Jeremy & Jon

Our one week hospitality was good provided by Jon, Xin Wen n Justin. Thanks heaps!

Met up with my Korean collegue, Justin before heading back Melbourne. Great fren to hang around. Safe trip back to Korea. :)

Bye bye Sydney... Hope to see u again..

Monday, February 11, 2008

More more....

Finally 5th day post for Sydney is up after delaying for soooo long.

Day 5

Jon suggested that we rent a car to drive up to Blue Mountain which is famous for the
3 sisters Rock.

There, our rented Mitsubishi car, Jon the chauffeur, Jeremy the map coordinator and me, being the sleepyhead + food provider in the car. :P

After an hr half of journey, we finally reach Katoomba Town, the town where Blue Mountains situated.

We still need abt 1/2 hr b4 reaching the peak of the mountain. Eventually, there we were, on the mountain with the 3 sisters rock.

Oops... too enthusiastic seeing the captivating view!

Everything was fine that day except for the annoying FLIES again! grosssss..... >.<

We went down to one of the 3 sisters rock. The stairs down the rock was so steep and i nearly gave up half way as i'm fear of heights. But eventually i held closely to the railing and force myself down. Fuhh... and i made it!

On the Rock..

omg.... they left me all alone!

We were quite lucky as we could see the 3 sisters rock and the rest of the view. By 4 plus, the fog covered the whole mountain and we couldnt see a single thing.

Pose like the 3 sisters!

Now to the next destination, Barthust to fetch my darling Tricia to Sydney. The fog was still covering the road when we were on our way down the mountain.

Luckily we managed to pass through to fog thanks to the pro chauffeur! :P

Nice view captured by Jeremy... steal his photo.. >.<

We reached Barthust earlier than we thought. While waiting for Tricia, we went up to Mount Panaroma the place is famous for somesort of motorcar racing. Nice view, can see the whole Barthust Town.

Not only nice scenery, there were some wild kangaroos jumping around..

This one was looking closely at us.

Time's up. Need to go over n fetch Tricia. Spot her, mopping the floor in ther workplace.. :D

Taken in her bedroom in Barthust.. Silly yet funny..

Last post for Sydney is coming up.... kekekeke....