Wednesday, February 13, 2008


My last post for Sydney.. :P Hope i dont make u guys bored with Sydney... >.<

Went to Max Brenner for chocs AGAIN. Don't be suprised to see me for those for hasn't see me for a year. But the chocs there were really good. Look at the top right pic. That was one the choc drink that we need to make ourself. I reckon it's kinda unique.

We had Hainanese chicken rice for dinner on our last nite in Sydney. Thanks to the great chef, Xin Wen who prepared the dinner. :)

fr left- right: Xin Wen, me, Tricia, Justin, Jeremy & Jon

Our one week hospitality was good provided by Jon, Xin Wen n Justin. Thanks heaps!

Met up with my Korean collegue, Justin before heading back Melbourne. Great fren to hang around. Safe trip back to Korea. :)

Bye bye Sydney... Hope to see u again..

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