Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Funny Mistakes

Got this funny email from my aunt. Would like to share with all of you.. =)

If a barber makes a mistake,

If a driver makes a mistake,
It is a

If a engineer makes a mistake ,
It is a

If parents makes a mistake,
It is a

If a politician makes a mistake,
It is a

If a scientist makes a mistake,
It is a

If a tailor makes a mistake,
It is a

If a teacher makes a mistake ,
It is a

If our boss makes a mistake,
It is a

If an employee makes a mistake,
It is a

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gorgeous Ms Dion

I've heard of Celine Dion's world tour few months back. I dont really fancy concerts unless i really really adore that artist. The nite b4 Celine Dion's concert, my cousin, Ee Ling msged me in msn.

Ee Ling: Eh, u wanna work in Celine Dion's concert anot? My friend's working in Galaxie, the organiser for this concert. They are looking for a wardrobe assistant.

Evonne: Huh... wah... sure anot... Wardrobe assistant ar, means help Celine Dion change clothes during concert those?

Ee Ling: Not too sure leh, but something to do with that lar. Definately will have a chance to see her. Pay also not bad i heard. Even if the pay not good, also worth it lar, can see superstar for free wo..

Evonne: oh.. not bad, not bad.. Can think about it. You go, I go! hehe...

Ee Ling: haha... U go i go lor..

Evonne: Then set. We go!

So there we go.....

Woke up by 6.30am. Gosh, it has been so so long since i wake up this early. Reached Stadium Merdeka by 8am sharp. My cousin called this guy who works in Galaxie as well to bring us to the person in charge.

The Stadium, looking wet and dirty.

Cam-whored while waiting.. :P

Wait n wait, finally the person in charge, Andrew arrived. He brought us to meet with two of Celine Dion's wardrobe manager, Keith and Zobra. Both ang mohs were very nice to us.

Basically what we need to do is to help them manage the dancers and band clothes while Keith and Zobra will manage Celine's clothes of the night. We were assigned to steam all the clothes for the dancers and band.

Me, doin the steaming for the 1st time. Burnt myself a couple of times cos the steam was super HOT! We were doin all these inside a tent where they set up for the dancers and band. Luckily there's aircond, or else we'll turn BBQ pork.

Cant believe i steamed all those..

In fact, we have nothing much to do that day apart from steaming the clothes. Zobra wanted to keep us busy as she worried we might get bored. Thus, she asked us to help her to write the band and dancers names on.. ermm, not sure what's that called, straps? Anyway, its to make it as labels as new clothes arriving soon.

Bersungguh-sungguhnye i wrote all the names..

Mission accomplished!

Oh, check out Celine's wardrobe.. This case damn high tech lor. Once u open, there's a lot of compartments in it. I think there were 6-7 cases like tat... Cool Cool!

Checking out her schedule of the day..

The backstage... Taken while havin our yucky lunch.. The meals that they provide was awful. I reckon the fried rice were spoilt when we had it. Sticky n Stinky! *ewww*

Oh no, look at the sky! No doubt, it's goin to rain anytime..

We have ntg to do after lunch but just hang around the area. N we were not given a tag as crew members or anyone who works there must wear a tag all the time. So we were like illegal immigrants there. I bet everyone were wondering what the heck these 2 girls doin in the stadium without a tag. We gotto ask Andrew for the tags as we were stopped by some RELA fella as he tot we were some crazy girls who came damn early for Celine's concert. *faint*

It was raining cats and dogs abt 3.00-ish. We stood in the tent as we cant go anywhere else. The wind was so strong and we worried the tent might get blown off! haha.. Cam-whore lagi lah! haha.. Btw, nice mirror huh with all the light bulbs all around,reminds me of those HK superstar make up room. :P

We were anticipating for Celine's arrival by 4+ as there will be rehearsals according to the schedule.

About 5-ish, Celine arrived. Rushing into her changing room once she got down from the car. It was still drizzling by then..

At about 5+, we started to get busy again. By that time, Celine was rehearsing! Sighs, we couldnt get to see her but we heard her voice! Simply amazing.. Eventually, we saw a glimpse of her after her rehearsal. She looked great with her purple floral blouse and heels !

Approaching 8ish, the crowd started to arrive.. To our suprise, we saw Siti Nurhaliza with hubby, Datuk K as well as Jacklyn Victor sitting at the most expensive RM1000 ticket seats. The Royal families came as well. The crowd were just amazing that night. All of them were cheering happily even b4 the concert starts.

We were so glad when Keith and Zobra told us that we will be working backstage. Which means we get to see the entire concert of the night! Woo Hoo! But of cos, we still have works to be done. We gotta help the dancers when they are changing during the concert. And i was assigned to help the male dancers! gosh... If u know what i'm trying to say. But they have "CUN" bodies, who cares! hahaha... And they were extremely friendly + cute + they can dance really well.. kekeke... okie okie.. i think i shud stop now.. hehe...

Anyway... yeah.. b4 the concert starts, Keith told us that no photography were allowed. =.= Sighs... Dissapointed! But again, who cares, we curi curi took with my cousin's hp.

Finally, the superstar that we were waiting for all night. She greeted "Selamat Datang" to the audiences when she came out for her 1st song.

This is the best we could take. She's such a superstar. She sang 23 songs if i'm not mistaken included some of her famous ones, "Power of love, I'm your Angel, Because you love me, Taking Chances, My heart will go on" dan banyak lagi.. Really non-stop one! Her voice was superbly power.. Even our local celebrity Siti was amazed and clapped throughout the concert!

Another one...

Celine has only 2 outfit on that night. Throughout the whole concert, my cousin and I were wondering y dint she get changed. She sang 22 songs with the same outfit and only change to another yellow gown for her last song, "My heart will go on"..

Finally, loud applause from audiences after her last song. I bet the audiences were hungry for more performances from her.

Truly a stunning & sensational concert - one never to be forgotten.

It was a great experience and i was glad that we were given this opportunity to work backstage. First time ever we got so close with a superstar.

So, 15 hours in the stadium. Tho' we were fatigue at the end of the night, it was worth it. We get to experience the whole setting up, the preparation. It really requires a lot of hardwork and also teamwork. Working with ang mohs were not too hard either. :P

Oh, and we werent illegal immigrant after we got our tag at 6-ish. Finally!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I missed.....

Everything in Melbourne!

The trams..

The city...

The family i had there..

My guinea pigs... Coffee & Cocoa..

My room... From super messy to super clean as that was taken when i was abt to leave the hse.

And also my Union Street peeps! This is what we do when are too free! Btw, Careen's my mom! lol.. I missed the things we did together!

Friendship that formed in Melbourne too!

But no worries, i'll be back Melbourne! for vacation... :P

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A wrap up in Melbourne

Life in Melbourne was simply terrific and amazing but i think it should come to an end now. Well, i'm gonna wrap up everything, all the sweet memories there and come back to the reality life in KL.

Went to this Sand Sculpting eshibition in Frankston, one of the suburb in Melb. I've seen all these sand sculptures in forwarded emails, but not the real thing.

So excited when we got there, but the sky was a bit gloomy that day and we worried that it might rain, And there goes all the sand. lol.

So, here we are!

Wah wah...


Just look at the details! Simply amazing..

Alice in the Wonderland

This one was extremely huge...

Yeaps, that's how the scaling like..

Puss in boots!

How can we miss out koalas in Australia... :P

I'm sure u guys familiar with this.. It's Rapunzel...

Humpty Dumpty....

The Red Riding Hood

Hansel n Gretel

Still in the progress of constructing the sculpture. It's a lot of hardwork. Salute those people.

Step by step how the sculpture was made.

After reading it, then only we know that these sand sculptures can take fair amount of punishment from the weather. Be it rain or thunderstorm. Geng!

Went to another side of the sculpture exhibition. Beach again! haha.. Strong winds and extremely cold that evening.

Hungry-ness d. Called Yi Xiang for dinner together and asked him to check out where's the best korean food in the city. Craving for kimchii!!

Yeaps, we found one. Hwa-Ro Korean BBQ on King St. The restaurant were owned by 2 Koreans.

Pretty unique the way they BBQ.

Appetizers... The other 2 pics on the right, no idea wat it is called. Yummay!

The rice and the raw meat. The food presentation was awesome. *claps*

The soup... awww.. i missed it very much!

How we bbq the meat..


Most of the patrons were Koreans. So we were confident that this gonna be good. While we were waiting for our seats, we saw a whole bunch of guys walking in. Wondering who they are cos almost the whole restaurant patrons were focusing on the group. We managed to ask one of the customer there who were waiting as well. They told us, one of the guy in that big group is a Korean actor who acted in famous Korean drama series, My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

I've heard of the drama but din watch it. After that, we have no doubt on their food d. Even actors came n visit the restaurant. haha.. Thumbs up for the food!


Clubbing @ Seven

Went clubbing for my 1st and last time in Melb. Believe it or not? Yes, u gotta believe it! :P Too bad Jeremy was at Sydney that time and couldn't join us. Luckily i had 2 very macho bodyguards! lol.. Yi Xiang n Leeqerman. But i reckon both of them were Jeremy's spy cam. To make sure i dont go flirt with other guys. haha...

Coincidently my workplace supervisor, Audrey was there too.. With fellow Think Asia's staff, Johnny & Chimme.

Non other than the Leeqerman!

Meng Jiunn

Groupie... Jane, Ash, Leeq, Yi Xiang missing..

There's Yi Xiang, but the rest still missing...

Overall, the place was good. First time in my life i danced like nobody's business. haha... Fun! But clubbing, hermm... probably once in a blue moon can lar, not every weekend. Cannot afford! lol. Probably i rather spend on something tangible. :)