Saturday, April 5, 2008

A wrap up in Melbourne

Life in Melbourne was simply terrific and amazing but i think it should come to an end now. Well, i'm gonna wrap up everything, all the sweet memories there and come back to the reality life in KL.

Went to this Sand Sculpting eshibition in Frankston, one of the suburb in Melb. I've seen all these sand sculptures in forwarded emails, but not the real thing.

So excited when we got there, but the sky was a bit gloomy that day and we worried that it might rain, And there goes all the sand. lol.

So, here we are!

Wah wah...


Just look at the details! Simply amazing..

Alice in the Wonderland

This one was extremely huge...

Yeaps, that's how the scaling like..

Puss in boots!

How can we miss out koalas in Australia... :P

I'm sure u guys familiar with this.. It's Rapunzel...

Humpty Dumpty....

The Red Riding Hood

Hansel n Gretel

Still in the progress of constructing the sculpture. It's a lot of hardwork. Salute those people.

Step by step how the sculpture was made.

After reading it, then only we know that these sand sculptures can take fair amount of punishment from the weather. Be it rain or thunderstorm. Geng!

Went to another side of the sculpture exhibition. Beach again! haha.. Strong winds and extremely cold that evening.

Hungry-ness d. Called Yi Xiang for dinner together and asked him to check out where's the best korean food in the city. Craving for kimchii!!

Yeaps, we found one. Hwa-Ro Korean BBQ on King St. The restaurant were owned by 2 Koreans.

Pretty unique the way they BBQ.

Appetizers... The other 2 pics on the right, no idea wat it is called. Yummay!

The rice and the raw meat. The food presentation was awesome. *claps*

The soup... awww.. i missed it very much!

How we bbq the meat..


Most of the patrons were Koreans. So we were confident that this gonna be good. While we were waiting for our seats, we saw a whole bunch of guys walking in. Wondering who they are cos almost the whole restaurant patrons were focusing on the group. We managed to ask one of the customer there who were waiting as well. They told us, one of the guy in that big group is a Korean actor who acted in famous Korean drama series, My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

I've heard of the drama but din watch it. After that, we have no doubt on their food d. Even actors came n visit the restaurant. haha.. Thumbs up for the food!


Clubbing @ Seven

Went clubbing for my 1st and last time in Melb. Believe it or not? Yes, u gotta believe it! :P Too bad Jeremy was at Sydney that time and couldn't join us. Luckily i had 2 very macho bodyguards! lol.. Yi Xiang n Leeqerman. But i reckon both of them were Jeremy's spy cam. To make sure i dont go flirt with other guys. haha...

Coincidently my workplace supervisor, Audrey was there too.. With fellow Think Asia's staff, Johnny & Chimme.

Non other than the Leeqerman!

Meng Jiunn

Groupie... Jane, Ash, Leeq, Yi Xiang missing..

There's Yi Xiang, but the rest still missing...

Overall, the place was good. First time in my life i danced like nobody's business. haha... Fun! But clubbing, hermm... probably once in a blue moon can lar, not every weekend. Cannot afford! lol. Probably i rather spend on something tangible. :)

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