Monday, December 31, 2007

A new year, a new beginning

hello peoplesssss......


May this year brings all of u loads of joy and happiness!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Updates

Some random updates.... which i suppose to post long time ago.... :P

Went to Boney M mini concert on the eve of my birthday. It was a coincidence as my aunt was supposed to go with a fren of hers. Last minute, her fren couldnt make it for the concert. So, i was the back up partner for my aunt that nite. LOL.

Incase anyone of u dunno who Boney M is, they are a group of four West Indian singers and dancers during the late 70's. When my aunt told me abt their concert, i know abt them but i'm clueless abt wat song they sing. So need to do some research, and of coz ask those who are in that era. Then only i know, i've actually heard of their songs b4! lol. Thanks to my parents who always on 'Light and Easy' radio channel back home. Some of their famous tracks include, Ma Baker, Rivers of Babylon, Daddy Cool.

Despite their age, they still sang pretty well.

Neways, here are the pics i managed to take. Couldn't take much as Mr. Security was there and i got warned a couple of times.

The beautiful stage.... We sat quite near the stage tho.

It wasnt like any ordinary concert like those we had in stadiums but we were all given a space of our own, with table, lamp and chair of coz.

The expensive ticket... abt 80 bucks!

Here comes Boney M. The topless guy, which is one of the group member was dancing n hopping happily throughout the whole concert.

I enjoyed myself that nite tho as it was a great experience for me attending this kinda concert.

All Done!

I'm officially done my degree. Hurray!

Q: What have i done lately?

A: Working madly almost everyday to earn more bucks!

All my time has been dedicated to my workplace. I hardly have time to rest at home aside from sleeping at nite. I've done less cooking too due to my working time. My work usually ends abt 4pm and only by then i get to eat my lunch. Even worst when i work nite shift, only gets back home at 10+ at night.

Anyways, i've captured some happy moments on the last day of uni which was my submission day.

Here's Leeq n Celeste smiling happily after all the submission.

On the same day itself, Yumeko invited us to her Multimedia Exhibition. All the characters were designed by MM students themselves. Bravo!

Caught up with Vera in the exhibition. Such a sweet girl.

Here's Yumeko with their own MM T-shirt. How cute.

After the exhibition, we decided to pamper ourselves with nice Italian FOOD! Burpppp...

Yi Xiang bz eating while Leeq cant stop posing when i was taking his pic. LOL..

We ordered Gelato too. Yummayyy....

Though I've submitted all my works on tat day, there was still one more presentation to go. It was the most hectic subject of all, Design & Business Strategy where we need to think of a business and write a plan of it. Sigh, cant fully relax at that moment.

Anyway, those below were my group mates. Taken b4 presentation.

Mr Yuki Yokouchi fr Japan. He's a funny guy but likes to show off his back side. Hmm.. i wonder y. Luckily he never flash it to me b4. When i 1st knew him, i heard rumours of him not doin works, skip classes and not attend meeting. After knowing him for quite sometime, he is totally not like wat i heard which is a good thing.

The ever lovely Tina. She's good, but time management wise, need to be improved. Overall, she done a lot of stuff too. LOL, i'm like evaluating all of them. haha..

The groupie. Too bad another of my groupmate couldn't attend bcoz she needs to work! I'm not too happy abt it coz i always think that school work is more important than other works. Moreover this is the final presentation. The reason she gave to us was she have to replace her colleague and she couldnt reject the colleague as she already promised him earlier on. WTH. :(

That's the end of my degree year. Sooo sad!!! Thinking of working life makes me sad because of the routiness. Even i'm working part time now, i can also feel the routiness, do the same thing everyday... Sienz..

Anyway, mom, dad and grandma's coming over 2moro! YAY!! And graduation is just 2 more days. I'm enthusiastic about it! Till then.....

More updates sooooon.. Real soon...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Baby Rachel

My aunt jus gave birth to a baby girl last Nov 9th. Yes, it's baby Ivan's sister. Ivan now is a big brother d. Cannot call him baby anymore... lol.. Congratulations to both aunt Christina & Uncle Yeo on your new arrival. So happy for you both.

Too bad again, i couldn't see the baby once she was born. So i decided to make something to send back to Malaysia as a welcome baby gift for my aunt n uncle..

But the process of making the special "something" was really hard. Well, not tat hard actually. lol. I've decided to make them a card. Just that the design part was ermm... a bit tedious.

After sketching some rough ideas out, i finally came up with something.

Apparently according to chinese beliefs, if the baby were to be born after 11am, the father of the baby are not allowed to see the baby. Too bad baby was born 6 mins past 11. Not sure if its because of the 'pig' year or wat. If the father insisted to see the baby, something bad will happen in the future. All these traditional stuff, dont know to believe or not. The chose to believe of course. Poor daddy, have to wait till the baby discharge from hospital only can see. In the mean while, only can see pictures of the baby.

Oh btw, need to intro baby Rachel 1st. She was born on Nov 9th, 11.06am in Putrajaya Hospital, weighing abt 3.4 kg. This is Rachel..

Isn't she 'ugly'? Old people said cannot praise a baby worr.. so must say all the opposite stuff.. :P

I think this was taken on the 1st day when she was born..

Those below were taken on the 1st weeks if i'm not mistaken..

She looks exactly like her brother especially her eyes. Incase anyone of u have nt seen her bro, Ivan b4, here he is.. Look how big boy is him now. Can walk n run d! i feel so old.. :(

Okie kedokie, back to my process.... I bought pink felt and beads to make a baby dress for the card. I oso bought a wire to form a hanger. Oh, here it is. I've done the dress. Made a couple of baby socks and a hat using the same material.

Look how mini is the size of the dress..

A closer shot...

I've used the remainder beads to form the baby's name.. This is the hardest part of all. I need to glue every single beads on to the card.

It's done! This is the front view of the card.

The content of the card.. Using the same beads, i formed the word 'Congrats' and wrote some messages. Hope they'll like it..

The lamo part.. :P

Hope the card wont spoil after reaching Malaysia lar especially the beads.. :)