Saturday, June 30, 2007

My 2nd day trip!

Yesh, i'm back from my day trip to the Blue Dandenongs Ranges, Puffing Billy, Yarra Valley wineries and Healesville Sanctuary. As i promised, here are the pics.

Begin the day with the Blue Dandenongs. Its a home of colorful native birds, fern guillies n tall mountain ash eucalyptus. Reached there abt 9.30am n it was freezing cold tat morning. Saw lots of parrots when we stepped out of the bus. I'm sure those parrots will be more than happy to see us, "humans" as they we were given foods to feed them. I freaked out when feeding them as their claws were too sharp n pointy and it actually HURTS! ouch!

Morning tea were provided too. Slurppp.... Nice hot tea with superbly freezing temperature.

Spot this huge tree when we walked further in to the park. Wat suprises us was, the tree trunk was empty. We can actually see through a hole till the top when we looked up our bird's eye view. Magnificent. Wonder how can the tree stood there for so long. Looks kinda tough too.

Now to our next destination, Puffing Billy Steam Train. This is pretty fun as it was a whole new experience for us riding on the steam train.

Depart from this station called "Belgrave". Sat for approx 20 mins in the train. We could feel the breezing fresh air as we ride all the way through the forest.

While we were on the train. Our legs were hanging outside the train as we sat on the railing.

Reached another station called "Mezies Creek". Time to go down d..

We had so much fun on the steam train. Don't feel like stepping out the train, of coz we can't. Still got 2 more places to go... Now heading to Yarra Valley, the winery yard. On the way there, there were battle goin on between these 2 guys. Who's cuter? LOL...

We saw Superbly nice scenery on our way there. Really can't believe it with my own eyes. Everywhere was green coz we are in countryside d. Saw lots of bla bla black sheep, moo moo cows, and oso horsiess. Too bad the bus driver drove so fast, most of my scenery pics were blurred! Luckily there are some still ok.

Those biji biji over the grass were moo moo cows.. :P

Reached Yarra Valley. BUT tarak grapes! All like dry dry one??? Coz now winter, that's y. Hmm... if we knew earlier, we wouldn't have come in this season larr.... but nvrm, nice scenery still.

As our package doesn't include lunch, we packed our own sandwiches n picnic outside the restaurant for those who hav lunch included. So cham. :( but quite fun to hav lunch outside with such great sights.

Some of the products sold in the wine tasting shop. I did tried both red n white wine. I guess i'm just not a wine person. :P

Will be goin to the winery yard again to see the grapes grow. Mayb in 2 months time, spring time! :)

N now to our last destination of d trip, Healesville Sanctuary where they hav the largest collection of Australian wildlife.

Pretty much d same animals we saw on our last trip except for some. oh, n we saw a kangaroo with her baby in her pouch. So cute with the head hanging outside..There is this dog look-a-like animal called Dingo.. I was totally clueless there is this kinda animal existence. According to the keeper, Dingoes don't bark and breed once a year. They are different from dogs as the hunt almost everything from insects to waterbuffalo. Sounds scary doesn't it.

Last group pic b4 leaving. :)

On our way back, the bus driver need to pick up some passengers from another winery yard. We sneaked down n took some pics. haha..

Pretty much d same too except for the sky. Soo dark and its goin too rain soon. Luckily we visited all the places d.

Wrap up the day in an indian mamak in city. Mamak here veli highclass one. Not like ours in M'sia. But still i prefer our own mamak, coz MUCH CHEAPER & NICER!!! Look at all the tired faces. lol.

That's all for my trip's pic. Hope u guys won't sick of seeing too many pics ya. :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Walk walk day

Today woke up earlier than usual as we r goin down to city! YAY... Sat at home for a few days d, its time to go walk walk.. Actually our main purpose is to pay our day trip ticket .

Yesh, we are goin for a day trip!

Thanks to my fren Joanna who told me there is a shop in city where they sell day trip tickets for half price. REALLY HALF PRICE. I'm not sure y they sell it so cheap though. Quite worth it! We paid $68 instead of $155 for 4 different destinations includes WINERY YARD! Can taste wine for free. yay... Will upload pics when i come back k. :)

So after paying for the trip thingy, we went for our lunch in Chinatown. Its a Malaysian cuisine restaurant. Was hoping to eat nasi lemak, but once i saw d price, i changed my mind. $8.80 for one plate eh! So expensive.. Ended up i jus ordered a bbq pork rib set meal which was only a dollar cheaper. aiks. Walked around China town, n felt like we were in China tim. keke..

Inilah so called "malaysian cuisine" ... Got Mixed vege rice, sweet sour pork rice, my pork rib rice n bak kut teh too.

Got China feel anot?

Since MYER is having sale, walked around to see if there's any cheap stuff. NOPE. no cheap stuff but got nice stuff. Saw these bedsheets. Looked so nice n comfy. Of coz d price all oso nice la..
I want lehh...



So excited when i saw this. First thing in my mind was to take pic n show u. See how good am i la.... I wish i could carry this back for u but i couldnt.. sorry yea.. ~~

So enthusiastic for my day trip d. Can't wait!

Bed time. Nitez!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pleasantly suprised!

Woke up late as usual, ate my brunch. Weather wasn't tat good as it was cloudy n cold like any other day. Saw mum online n she told me my lil couz' bro & my aunt will b goin to my hse in a while. So stood there n wait for their arrival while eating my brunch.

Mum "nudged" me through msn when they arrived. Chit chat with them while my lil couz is singing / screaming his baby song. Though i dunno wat is he trying to sing, but it was kinda cute. u know la, all those baby talk. Jeremy went out to his fav store in Chapel St. while i was skyping with them. He said got sale, so he wanted to take a look.

When he came back, i saw this in d plastic bag....

I was like... OMG.... SNOOPY!

I saw this b4 n it cost like $19.90 for one. I wanted to get one, but i think it was too expensive for a pc of toy for that price. Since Jeremy told me they were havin' sale, i'm not sure how much it is after discounted as he dun wanna let me know. I guess they wanna get rid this Christmas edition of Snoopy, tat's y they sell it cheaper than the rest. But still, I LOVE IT! Thanks mr JT!

Eh, then means this year no Christmas prezzie lor????

Some other views:

The Snoopy head can move wan ah.. dun prey prey... lol.

After much forcing n nagging, i finally know d exact price.. muahahahaha.. guess how much??

Boiled "Juk Je Sui" ( Sugar cane) tat morning, n its ready to drink d. Hot n sweet.. nice for such weather. keke.

Now, to the next destination, uncle's place for dinner. B4 reaching his hse, we drop by McD to hav tea time with aunt n JT. n i had cheese cake + cappucino. share share with my aunt wan. hehe. can't finish alone la. JT had a set of big mac too. walao. 4 something can eat so heavy. haha..

Reached uncle place, help him with the cooking. Tonight's dinner, western meal! yum yum. cham lo, jus had my teatime, how to fit all those yummy foods in my stomach?? aiks..

Dinner's served. We had yummy lamb slice, chicken with stuffing, salad, roasted pumpkins, potato n yam. Not much pic taken coz everybody busy taking foods. very messy here n there. keke...

Saw all the bz hands?

Mua salad..

Nottie couz.. dowan to face the cam. hmmph..

Hungry d. wanna go makan now. ciaoz!

Friday, June 22, 2007

My holidays

Wake up at 12pm.Eat brunch n watch Oprah show. Browse internet. Cook Dinner. Sleep. End of d day.

That's basically wat i do everyday at home during these freaking 2 months holidays. *sigh.

Wat to do. Go out, train ticket $6 ++ per day. Even go out, can see, cannot buy. *sigh

Samo now so cold, go out oso scared.

Walk Chapel St. oso walk till sienz d.

Luckily still got drama to watch. But can b watching drama the whole day? can go nuts like tat.


Saw some flower motives fr the net the other day, gave me an inspiration to do something..


Mayb i should path one family potrait too. lol. keke.. I think i shall explore more on photoshop. Need to improve on my skills. Since i hav plenty of time now. :)

Kesejukan yg teramat sejuk

Yeshh.. my title says it all. Its already beginning of winter. Note, only beginning not even half way through winter, which means it will be much more cold than wat i'm experiencing now. How to survive?

Since its so cold now, its best to eat something hot n soupy. My classmates and i decided to make steamboat to celebrate the "dragon boat festival" day which was on last Tuesday. Actually we jus made it for fun since we hav got ntg to do. Bought all the food needed for steamboat. Together with rice dumpling. Here are some of the pics we took on tat day. :)

3 different soup base : Tom Yum, Seafood "ching tong" & Sze Chuan which was damn spicy!

And our mam mam!

Hmm.. i missed the rice dumpling in M'sia. The one we had not as good as back home's.

The participants of steamboat-ing... All acting cute there. haha.

Good points about cold weather is.... its not HOT! lol. N i'm lookng foward to go for skiing! Woo hoo..!

But personally, i'm not a cold person. I sneeze very often. *Ahhh-Choooo! (excuse me). Even though i've experience this kinda cold weather when i went for vacation last time, but its different from wat i felt now. This is so long term... The temperature can go down till 8-9 degrees in d afternoon. If its not windy, then its not so bad. Once the wind blows, my gosh... whole body shivers non-stop.

Other negative points of cold weather include;

- My bajus cannot dry. Need to hang atleast 2-3 days.
- Toilet bowl super cold. Dare not to shit so long. lol.
- Have to heat all my pillows, blanket & bed b4 goin to sleep. Orelse i'll die of cold on bed. :P
- Changing clothes will b a hassle as need to heat all my clothes b4 wearing it.
- I've to wear so many layers, made me look clumsy n FAT!!! especially after i wore my winter jacket. i looked like Michelin Tyre Man Mascot. Have u guys seen him b4?

There he is..

N here's how i looked like.. Sama tak? haha..

Dah lah fat, hav to wear all these to make me look fatter. No choice le, hav to cover everything from head to toe.. Hav to tahan for abt 2 more months b4 winter ends.

Till then, cheers!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Job hunting

Holidays will last for abt 2 months. Been looking for part time jobs lately to KILL my time. Walked around Chapel Street, a lot of shops wanna hire ppl BUT...

"Chef Wanted"
"Baristas with experience"
"Part Time Waitress / Waiter WITH EXPERIENCE Wanted"

Ape ini? Macam mana want to work? I can only cook for myself, how to be a COOK? Plus most of the shops also want experience. We did enquire abt the position for shops who want experienced workers , ended up we were given rude faces as if we dun understand the word "EXPERIENCED".

If we were not given the oppurtunity to work, how are we goin to gain the experience? Further more, even those retail shops need to hav experience. For god sake, how much experience we need to fold clothes? Ridiculous rite?

However, there were one particular shop i saw where they dun require experience. So happy to see tat. Went in the shop n try our luck. The owner asked a lot of Q like;

Where r u from?
What course r u studying?
Which year r u in now?
How long hav u been here?
When will u leave Melbourne?

Banyak question betul... Eventually she said.. "Sorry, we cant hire you as you r in ur 3rd year now. Further more, we need to train you, & by the time we finish training, you'll be leaving d."

*urghhh..... ape ni??

Like tat oso can ah? *Sighs.

I even tried applying for Coles supermarket. So after answering the crappy Q on the application form, waited for days. Finally, they replied.

"On reviewing your application we have determined that your residency status and/or visa conditions do not permit you to fulfil one of the inherent requirements of performing ongoing work for Coles Group Limited. To be eligible for ongoing work, including casual positions, you must have a minimum of 12 months working rights. Consequently, we regret to advise that we are unable to offer you a position."


Anyway, sent out a few resumes in city yesterday. Hopefully there's good news from them ler.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jalan-jalan makan-makan

After the last outing to the HK fast food restaurant, n saw the cheese baked rice that Meng Jiunn ordered, we got inspired all of sudden.

"Hey, y not make tat ourself at home?"

The next day, we prepare all the ingredients we need for cheese baked rice. This includes, minced meat, spagetthi sauce, cabonara sauce ( we want to have 2 sauces), mushrooms and cheese. And also the most important one, RICE.

Fry fry fry, place it in d microwave with the cheese and DING! Easy as 1,2,3! lol.

One time not syok enough (according to mr tai), so we made another cheese baked rice within 2 days. Gosh.... How to diet like tat... cheese cheese cheese...

But this time taste better... mayb added more cheese and plus a pc of chicken on top. and more calorie added lor!!

Last 2 weeks, in order to celebrate our freedom after submitted all of our projects, we cooked this:

Our 1st western food in Aus...

This is for my ma ma to see wat i've cook.. She jus wanna make sure i ate healthily. Sorry if all these food posts bored u guys. haha..

As i said b4 in my older post, we seldom eat out. Must appreciate wat we ate outside by taking pics of it. lol. n this is for my cousin to see as well. Since he wants to know wat kind of food we hav in Melb. Nothing special oso la. haha.

Top pic: Burgers at Grill'd. Yummy burgers but super expensive.
Bottom pic: Char Siew rice and Beef noodle. Nice foods but bad service. Really really BAD!
I'm not goin to mention the name tat restaurant though (its somewhere near city). According to my fren, these "waitress" (all of them are girls) who i believe are hongkies, will treat every customers differently depending on whether u hav black or blonde hair. (i'm not saying all hongkies are like tat, some are really nice). My fren evidenced this herself. The waitress knew we chinese ppl sure kiamsiap one, dun giv tips like how the guai lous did, so they dun give a damn n giv stupid ugly faces when they are serving us. Samo we are students, lagi lah.. They even condemed those customers who don't give them tips with bad languages even when other customers are around. Saying something like
"that idiot give so lil' tips, waste my time serve them so good" ...
Some even scolded with 4 letter words right after the customers left the restaurant. WAT THE??? If its not bcoz of the food, NO WAY i'm goin back there again. Seeing all those ugly faces. Melampau! Hmmph!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Evolution of baby...

Babies.... they are cute, adorable, loveable, innocent, fun to play with... wat else.. in short, they are jus... babies. lol. I think most of u will agree with wat i said. rite, rite? hehe.

My mum just sent me a latest pic of my baby cousin who is 10 months old now. Gosh.. he has grown up so much when i last saw him. I still remember he was such a tiny toddler when he was born. All of sudden, i feel so old. :( My mum said he even know how to sit by himself and knows how to "high 5".. How amazing is tat. Too bad i couldn't see him now, but only in pictures.

Since this baby cousin of mine is the youngest in my mom's side family, he is the center of attraction everywhere he goes. Pampered by each n everyone in the family. How lucky! But soon, he'll hav a younger bro / sis as his mom (my aunt) is pregnant! YAY! Congrats... Another baby to play with again. Gosh.. can't wait to see the 2nd baby d :)

U guys can see d difference my my lil' couz here.

1 month old.....

3 months old..... Look how chubby he is compared to the 1 month old pic.

Growing up d. 4-5 months old. His face really nice to pinch.. Grrr... Geram~~ He looked exactly like both of his parents. (middle pic) Chop SIRIM d. Cannot run d. lol.

7 months d. Cute Cute~

N the latest 10 months old pics. So big boi d..

Hmm.. miss him dearly. Can't play with him for a year. No choice la but hav to wait till next yr when i complete my degree. I'LL BE BACK!

Life in Melb during sem break.

Due to the boringness of my holidays, got ntg to do, been watching abundant of movies. It's not new movies though, but since i hav not watch them b4 so jus watch it to kill my time. lol.

I watched Eight Below last 2 weeks n i cried like shit during d movie. If any of u seen tat movie b4, i'm sure u know y i cried till like tat.

The story takes place in the Antarctic. A trio of scientist explorers — Jerry Shepard (Walker); his best friend, Cooper (Biggs); and an American geologist (Greenwood) — must leave behind their beloved team of sled dogs after a sudden accident that strands them in extreme Antarctic weather. But Shepard can't let his dog team face certain death, so he turns back to rescue them. The film is inspired by the events of a 1957 Japanese expedition to the Antarctic.

The dogs were so clever. They need to look for foods by themselves in antartica for like more than 6 months or so if i'm not mistaken. aiyoh.. cannot watch all these animal movies ler. My tissue sure habis wan.. Look at those Siberian Husky. Aren't they cute? My rating for this movie, 9/10. :)

Yumeko passed me another korean movie abt dogs the other day called "Hearty Paws". Sigh, another sad story. It's abt an 11-year-old Chan-yi is looking after his lovely younger sister So-yi, by himself ever since their mother left them to find her own future. Despite their desperate situation of being abandoned by family and neighbors, these kids try their best to carry on life. One day, a little puppy joins this small family as Chan-yi steals it from an old couple's kennel as a gift his sister's birthday. Especially clever, this dog, whose name is 'Ma-eum', returns the love received from his new family with great loyalty and it seems as though their happiness would continue forever...only until a sudden accident brings them into collapse.

Gosh...there goes my another box of tissue..

And another korean movie recommended by my friend, Ms Joanne Lau. :P Its called "200 Pounds Beauty" I think its a fun n hilarious movie to watch n yet a touching story oso. The movie is abt Hanna (Kim Ah-Joong) is blessed with the voice of an angel. She serenades legions of fans with her soaring vocals. During her spare time, she doubles up as, for the lack of less explicit words, a phone conversation connoisseur, enticing callers to share their most intimate of sexual desires and fantasies. She’s head over heels over her dashing manager and is adored by her pet poodle.

She also tips the scale at just over 200 pounds.Her literal larger than life image poses a problem to her fans of course. So her manager, Sang Jun (Joo Jin-Mo) uses a voluptuous front in the form of Ammy, a gorgeous singer wannabe who has the voice of a broken refrigerator. All Ammy does now is just lip sync to the voice of Hanna, who is housed backstage. Hanna is contented, that is until she overhears a shocking conversation between Sang Jun and Ammy. Heartbroken and dejected, she undergoes plastic surgery to completely transform her body and face and hopefully, she will be able to win back the heart of her manager.

Little did i know that the lead actress went under knife b4 too in her real life. (after reading from joanne's blog) Hm... i think its very common for korean to do plastic surgery huh... But overall the movie was entertaining. Nice vocals from the main actress too.. A must watch movie... coz got both leng cai n leng lui :P

Ppl, if u hav anymore nice movies, recommend to me ya. I've got heaps of time now. lol..

Friday, June 8, 2007

Fun outing!

The next day after our submission, we planned our 1st outing. Actually the outing was to farewell one of my friend as she's goin back to M'sia for her graduation ceremony. But she will still be coming back la. haha. B4 meeting the rest of my friends for lunch, Rachel, Meng Jiunn, Yumeko, Jeremy n I went to the IMMI main office in Parliament to collect or working visa sticker. Waited for abt 45 mins wherelse the process only last abt 5 mins or so. hmm...

So, next destination... to Melbourne Central to meet up with Yunnie! She told us that there's a shop near Melb Central sells nice n yummy nasi lemak. So, she brought us there.. Manatau.. the shop closes down d. Yunnie said the shop was operated by a malay couple and the serve nice nasi lemak. Gosh.. there goes my nasi lemak tat i've been longing for. Where r u ... my nasi lemak?????

No nasi lemak, move on to plan B. A Hong Kong fast food nearby Melb Central too. They serve foods something like Kim Gary in M'sia. I oredered the set meal "ma po tofu" where they come with a complimentary milk tea. (I miss Kim Gary's yin yong)

While waiting for our foods to be served, this is wat we did..... We analyzed how young girls take pic nowadays and this is their latest trend.. Thanx to Yumeko who edited the pics..

So, here's how our food looks like. Cannot compare with Kim Gary la. Sure kalah teruk..

Stomach full full d, must jalan a bit.. So, to Victoria Market we go! Make full use of my Metcard today.. Took loads of tram d. Reached. BUT, tarak buka??? Din realise they closes on Mon n Wed. Aiksss... Suan ler. Walk around here n there... Nothing to see, no money to buy. Balik lor.. Saw this when we were walking back to the tram station.

an UNDERGROUND TOILET...Sounds creepy doesn't it?

But its not creepy as we tot.. In fact, its pretty clean and bright down there. No one's down there at the moment. Snap a pic 1st. kekeke... Promote the cleanliness...

US. Promoting again. lol.

N the men were promoting their gents too..

That's a wrap! Cheerio!