Sunday, June 10, 2007

Life in Melb during sem break.

Due to the boringness of my holidays, got ntg to do, been watching abundant of movies. It's not new movies though, but since i hav not watch them b4 so jus watch it to kill my time. lol.

I watched Eight Below last 2 weeks n i cried like shit during d movie. If any of u seen tat movie b4, i'm sure u know y i cried till like tat.

The story takes place in the Antarctic. A trio of scientist explorers — Jerry Shepard (Walker); his best friend, Cooper (Biggs); and an American geologist (Greenwood) — must leave behind their beloved team of sled dogs after a sudden accident that strands them in extreme Antarctic weather. But Shepard can't let his dog team face certain death, so he turns back to rescue them. The film is inspired by the events of a 1957 Japanese expedition to the Antarctic.

The dogs were so clever. They need to look for foods by themselves in antartica for like more than 6 months or so if i'm not mistaken. aiyoh.. cannot watch all these animal movies ler. My tissue sure habis wan.. Look at those Siberian Husky. Aren't they cute? My rating for this movie, 9/10. :)

Yumeko passed me another korean movie abt dogs the other day called "Hearty Paws". Sigh, another sad story. It's abt an 11-year-old Chan-yi is looking after his lovely younger sister So-yi, by himself ever since their mother left them to find her own future. Despite their desperate situation of being abandoned by family and neighbors, these kids try their best to carry on life. One day, a little puppy joins this small family as Chan-yi steals it from an old couple's kennel as a gift his sister's birthday. Especially clever, this dog, whose name is 'Ma-eum', returns the love received from his new family with great loyalty and it seems as though their happiness would continue forever...only until a sudden accident brings them into collapse.

Gosh...there goes my another box of tissue..

And another korean movie recommended by my friend, Ms Joanne Lau. :P Its called "200 Pounds Beauty" I think its a fun n hilarious movie to watch n yet a touching story oso. The movie is abt Hanna (Kim Ah-Joong) is blessed with the voice of an angel. She serenades legions of fans with her soaring vocals. During her spare time, she doubles up as, for the lack of less explicit words, a phone conversation connoisseur, enticing callers to share their most intimate of sexual desires and fantasies. She’s head over heels over her dashing manager and is adored by her pet poodle.

She also tips the scale at just over 200 pounds.Her literal larger than life image poses a problem to her fans of course. So her manager, Sang Jun (Joo Jin-Mo) uses a voluptuous front in the form of Ammy, a gorgeous singer wannabe who has the voice of a broken refrigerator. All Ammy does now is just lip sync to the voice of Hanna, who is housed backstage. Hanna is contented, that is until she overhears a shocking conversation between Sang Jun and Ammy. Heartbroken and dejected, she undergoes plastic surgery to completely transform her body and face and hopefully, she will be able to win back the heart of her manager.

Little did i know that the lead actress went under knife b4 too in her real life. (after reading from joanne's blog) Hm... i think its very common for korean to do plastic surgery huh... But overall the movie was entertaining. Nice vocals from the main actress too.. A must watch movie... coz got both leng cai n leng lui :P

Ppl, if u hav anymore nice movies, recommend to me ya. I've got heaps of time now. lol..

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