Monday, June 25, 2007

Walk walk day

Today woke up earlier than usual as we r goin down to city! YAY... Sat at home for a few days d, its time to go walk walk.. Actually our main purpose is to pay our day trip ticket .

Yesh, we are goin for a day trip!

Thanks to my fren Joanna who told me there is a shop in city where they sell day trip tickets for half price. REALLY HALF PRICE. I'm not sure y they sell it so cheap though. Quite worth it! We paid $68 instead of $155 for 4 different destinations includes WINERY YARD! Can taste wine for free. yay... Will upload pics when i come back k. :)

So after paying for the trip thingy, we went for our lunch in Chinatown. Its a Malaysian cuisine restaurant. Was hoping to eat nasi lemak, but once i saw d price, i changed my mind. $8.80 for one plate eh! So expensive.. Ended up i jus ordered a bbq pork rib set meal which was only a dollar cheaper. aiks. Walked around China town, n felt like we were in China tim. keke..

Inilah so called "malaysian cuisine" ... Got Mixed vege rice, sweet sour pork rice, my pork rib rice n bak kut teh too.

Got China feel anot?

Since MYER is having sale, walked around to see if there's any cheap stuff. NOPE. no cheap stuff but got nice stuff. Saw these bedsheets. Looked so nice n comfy. Of coz d price all oso nice la..
I want lehh...



So excited when i saw this. First thing in my mind was to take pic n show u. See how good am i la.... I wish i could carry this back for u but i couldnt.. sorry yea.. ~~

So enthusiastic for my day trip d. Can't wait!

Bed time. Nitez!

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