Saturday, June 30, 2007

My 2nd day trip!

Yesh, i'm back from my day trip to the Blue Dandenongs Ranges, Puffing Billy, Yarra Valley wineries and Healesville Sanctuary. As i promised, here are the pics.

Begin the day with the Blue Dandenongs. Its a home of colorful native birds, fern guillies n tall mountain ash eucalyptus. Reached there abt 9.30am n it was freezing cold tat morning. Saw lots of parrots when we stepped out of the bus. I'm sure those parrots will be more than happy to see us, "humans" as they we were given foods to feed them. I freaked out when feeding them as their claws were too sharp n pointy and it actually HURTS! ouch!

Morning tea were provided too. Slurppp.... Nice hot tea with superbly freezing temperature.

Spot this huge tree when we walked further in to the park. Wat suprises us was, the tree trunk was empty. We can actually see through a hole till the top when we looked up our bird's eye view. Magnificent. Wonder how can the tree stood there for so long. Looks kinda tough too.

Now to our next destination, Puffing Billy Steam Train. This is pretty fun as it was a whole new experience for us riding on the steam train.

Depart from this station called "Belgrave". Sat for approx 20 mins in the train. We could feel the breezing fresh air as we ride all the way through the forest.

While we were on the train. Our legs were hanging outside the train as we sat on the railing.

Reached another station called "Mezies Creek". Time to go down d..

We had so much fun on the steam train. Don't feel like stepping out the train, of coz we can't. Still got 2 more places to go... Now heading to Yarra Valley, the winery yard. On the way there, there were battle goin on between these 2 guys. Who's cuter? LOL...

We saw Superbly nice scenery on our way there. Really can't believe it with my own eyes. Everywhere was green coz we are in countryside d. Saw lots of bla bla black sheep, moo moo cows, and oso horsiess. Too bad the bus driver drove so fast, most of my scenery pics were blurred! Luckily there are some still ok.

Those biji biji over the grass were moo moo cows.. :P

Reached Yarra Valley. BUT tarak grapes! All like dry dry one??? Coz now winter, that's y. Hmm... if we knew earlier, we wouldn't have come in this season larr.... but nvrm, nice scenery still.

As our package doesn't include lunch, we packed our own sandwiches n picnic outside the restaurant for those who hav lunch included. So cham. :( but quite fun to hav lunch outside with such great sights.

Some of the products sold in the wine tasting shop. I did tried both red n white wine. I guess i'm just not a wine person. :P

Will be goin to the winery yard again to see the grapes grow. Mayb in 2 months time, spring time! :)

N now to our last destination of d trip, Healesville Sanctuary where they hav the largest collection of Australian wildlife.

Pretty much d same animals we saw on our last trip except for some. oh, n we saw a kangaroo with her baby in her pouch. So cute with the head hanging outside..There is this dog look-a-like animal called Dingo.. I was totally clueless there is this kinda animal existence. According to the keeper, Dingoes don't bark and breed once a year. They are different from dogs as the hunt almost everything from insects to waterbuffalo. Sounds scary doesn't it.

Last group pic b4 leaving. :)

On our way back, the bus driver need to pick up some passengers from another winery yard. We sneaked down n took some pics. haha..

Pretty much d same too except for the sky. Soo dark and its goin too rain soon. Luckily we visited all the places d.

Wrap up the day in an indian mamak in city. Mamak here veli highclass one. Not like ours in M'sia. But still i prefer our own mamak, coz MUCH CHEAPER & NICER!!! Look at all the tired faces. lol.

That's all for my trip's pic. Hope u guys won't sick of seeing too many pics ya. :)

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