Sunday, June 10, 2007

Evolution of baby...

Babies.... they are cute, adorable, loveable, innocent, fun to play with... wat else.. in short, they are jus... babies. lol. I think most of u will agree with wat i said. rite, rite? hehe.

My mum just sent me a latest pic of my baby cousin who is 10 months old now. Gosh.. he has grown up so much when i last saw him. I still remember he was such a tiny toddler when he was born. All of sudden, i feel so old. :( My mum said he even know how to sit by himself and knows how to "high 5".. How amazing is tat. Too bad i couldn't see him now, but only in pictures.

Since this baby cousin of mine is the youngest in my mom's side family, he is the center of attraction everywhere he goes. Pampered by each n everyone in the family. How lucky! But soon, he'll hav a younger bro / sis as his mom (my aunt) is pregnant! YAY! Congrats... Another baby to play with again. Gosh.. can't wait to see the 2nd baby d :)

U guys can see d difference my my lil' couz here.

1 month old.....

3 months old..... Look how chubby he is compared to the 1 month old pic.

Growing up d. 4-5 months old. His face really nice to pinch.. Grrr... Geram~~ He looked exactly like both of his parents. (middle pic) Chop SIRIM d. Cannot run d. lol.

7 months d. Cute Cute~

N the latest 10 months old pics. So big boi d..

Hmm.. miss him dearly. Can't play with him for a year. No choice la but hav to wait till next yr when i complete my degree. I'LL BE BACK!

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