Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Finally everything's done. Even the final presentation, was so fun and hilarious as we need to act out a scenario enactment for this particular subject. Well done group mates! Nice teaming with u guys.

Silly looks fr left to right:
Leeq, Kim, Emma (our tutor), Jamee & Me!

Captured some pics outside campus b4 leaving for our 2 months holz!

Got nothing better to do after that. Went for yum cha to celebrate our freedom. haha.. No mamaks here instead we went to a cafe. a bit high class la coz expensive + we hav no choice.. :(

This is how the cafe's interior like... Quite a nice place though with nice roundish lamps.

Me and Pauline. Our "mum". :P

Mr Tai & Me..

& the rest of the group.

Since the weather was so so cold outside, Pauline & I ordered Marshmallow Hot Chocolate. Yumeko had it b4 and said its quite big glass and reasonable price. This is Pauline's hot choc. She had the smaller size. Nice deco on top but how come only got 2 miserable marshmallow beside the glass? Should giv more ma...

Mine arrived but y no deco on top wan...?? hmmph.... The comparison between the bigger size n the smaller one. Saw the difference?

Conclusion is... tastes like "milo". I ordered "hot chocolate", n this is "warm chocolate".. ape lah. Dun care, ask them to re-heat for us.

Jeremy can't resist but ordered the "Spagetthi Marinara" there. Not cheap thou.... $16 for it.. fuiyohh.. budak kaya.

N this is Pauline's meatball.. Yum Yum...

So happy that everything's over. Time flies, and one sem already gone. But the boringness symptoms already started. Must look for part time jobs soon oresle i'll die of boringness. haha... Till then... Cheerio!

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