Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sparkle Sparkle.....

Last 2 weeks, Yumeko bought 2 pkts of electric sparkles back. (Don't really know wat that thing called, electric sparkles was written on the pkt) . Mini fireworks? lol.. She said it only cost her 90 cents for 2 pkts, so jus bought it back n ajak us to play 2geta geta.. We were supposed to do our assignments tat time but then we need a break too.. So, dun care, go play play release stress a bit.

Captured some pics while playing but it was quite blur as there were too many movements. But the effect of the sparkles looks superbly nice. Plus it was damn cold tat nite but still 3 of us went down to "our park" n play. haha..

I was trying to make some shape and din know it ended up forms a love shape. haha.. nice hor.. Reminds me of my childhood coz i used to play this during CNY.....

Last week, Yumeko went n buy the sparkles again. And this time, the pics turned out somehow better than the 1st time. We knew its gonna be a cold cold nite as we learnt fr experience d. Luckily i wore 3 layers

OMG i looked like as if i'm goin to antartica. haha..

Aren't the pics look better? If anyone saw 3 of us there, they must b thinking these 3 sampat fella dunno do wat in d middle of d nite. posing infront of cam samo.. Already so cold, 3 of us were shivering but still we enjoyed it. :)

As u can see, our pose remain the same for the 1st 2 pics on top. We dare not make too much movements orelse the pics will turn out blur again. lol.

So fun leh this sparkle sparkle.. Go back M'sia must buy n play again... :P

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