Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Yumeko's biggie day

No time to post this during Yumeko's b'day. So gonna cerita it now. hehe.

It all happpened one fine day when i chatted with Elynn. N so happened she mentioned that Yumeko's birthday is coming. So i quickly browse my calendar and oh... 29th May, that will be a peak time as we hav to hand up abundant of works by then..

Actually Elynn was asking me whether can i help her a favour as she wanted to send a parcel fr Malaysia. She want me to keep the parcel until 29th May reaches as the parcel contains pressies for Yumeko. They want the pressies to be given to Yumeko on her exact birthday. Of coz i wouldn't reject as its jus a small favour and i'm happy to help.

The parcel reached one week b4 the 29th. Elynn asked me to open it and there are some foods for me n jeremy. haha.. Mamee and some sweets.. YAY.. thanks for tat.

How good if this parcel is really for me. kakakakka.....

The pressies...

I told Elynn tat i wanted to buy a cake n hav a simple suprise celebration for Yumeko as we would be rushing for works by then. So on the 28th, we bought her a Chocolate Mud Cake. B4 tat, Elynn and i discussed abt the plan. We'll bring the cake in, and at the same time sing the birthday song together with Yumeko's family & Edmund, Yumeko's bf (Elynn's bro) via skype. B4 the clock strikes 12am, Jeremy and i prepared everything outside, placed the cake on a chair. Jeremy will pop the party poppers while i'll hold the cam to record the moment. hehe.

12am sharp, Jeremy knocked Yumeko's door. POP! POP! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Manatau her connection with Edmund was disconnected. We waited while she re-connect it and sang the birthday song 2gether. Pass her the pressies fr Malaysia. Happy Happy! YAY!

Here are some of the pics. Hope she enjoyed this simple celebration though it's jus only a 2 of us.

Make a wish.. make a wish....

All her pressies delivered on time. hehe..

The cake..

with the birthday gal!


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