Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 3

Day 3 outing was only Tricia and me, without Yumeko as she has got other things to do. So, being the only tour guide for that day, need to do some research on the locations the day b4.

So day 3 itenarary was:
1. Victoria Market
2. Melbourne museum
3. Melbourne Parliament
4. Christ Church
5. State Library
6. Melbourne Central
7. Observation Deck
8. Jam Factory (South Yarra)

Fuhhh... 8 places in a day. Rush like hell man. Samo the shops all close at 5pm. Really have to plan the time properly.

The 1st stop was Victoria Market, a must go place in Melbourne oso.

Y a must go place? Coz they sell cheap stuff oso sometimes. Like the strawberry i had was 3 boxes for $2. Cheap!! Besides selling meat & vege, they do have variety of stuff too like clothes, shoes, souvenier and loads more. (help to promote a

Next to Melbourne Museum.. Don't think that i brought my tourist to those boring places infact the museum was so gooooood. It's not like what we had back in M'sia, dark, secluded and like haunted that kinda museum. Everything in the museum was so interesting. Something like a science centre where a lot of interactive stuff going on.The museum was sooo huge. We need about 3 hours to walk n explore every section but bcoz of the limited time we had, we had to jus absorb & scan thru every section really fast.

Real bee hive in the museum... Bzzzbzbzbzbzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Not too sure wat that was though. Should be a turtle's shell..

Went taking pic in one of the church in city after museum. The church was so huge with nice architecture tooo..

On our way back, passed by Parliament to took some snapshots of it...

To the state library we go. Quite interactive as well, not like our Perpustakaan Negara..

This was taken at the kids corner...

Exhausted + tired + hungry = Krispy Kreme doughnuts for tea time in Melbourne Central.

Yum Yum... once again, how to diet lehh... can see me getting rounder n rounder...

Observation deck was our last stop in city. Since i've been there once, so there's nothing for me to shoot d.

Nice sunset...

Caught up with Natalie (Tricia's fren & my collegue) and went back home 2gether. We still have another place to go b4 we wrap up our day..

Back at home, Jeremy cooked pan mee for 6 ppl included himself.. lol. Stress stress to cook for so many people. I helped out a lil' once we got home. Luckily it was nice.. lol..

Tricia & me eating.. yum yum..~

Everyone bz eating.... coz rushing to somewhere...

Yea, we r rushing to South Yarra for Ratatouille...

100% nice animation. Flawless..... love it till the max... For those of u who havent watch it, go for it! Worth watching..

This was taken after the movie. All of us accompanied Natalie to wait for the last tram to go back city.

I looked superbly tired at the end of the day..

Got home at abt 1 pm. Snorezzzz..~~

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My one week break

During my one week break last week, my darling came all the way from Barthust, NSW to Melbourne to visit me. lol. Don't get me wrong. I'm a very loyal person. haha.. My darling who i was talking about is Tricia.

She came down to Melbourne last Sunday. So happy to see her after 7 months. Too bad her trip here was only 3 short days as both of us were bz at the same time. But these 3 short days were very memorable and fun for us.

Day 1 : Reached Melbourne at 8.45pm

Took this in the train on our way home after dinner. She still look

End of day 1. lol. so fast.. Coz she reached here at night mar.

Day 2's itenarary:

1. Bridge Road shopping spree (warehouse for Esprit, Cotton On, Jeans West & lots more...)
2. City trip ( Melbourne Central, China Town, Federation Square)
3. Smith's Street (warehouse for sports brand - nike, adidas, etc....)
3. Dinner at Lygon
4. Gelato ice cream for desert (Lygon as well)
5. Southgate and Southbank scenary snapshot
6. Crown Casino

See, i'm a good tour guide, i brought my tourist to so many places. But must thanks to Yumeko oso to bring us to those lorong-lorong that i dun even know.

1st stop, Bridge Road...
Btw, this was our results after the 1st stop in Bridge Road. Shopping!!!

Lunch time in a jap restaurant. Had teriyaki don. yum yum!

A must take spot once in Melb. Flinder's Street. lol..

Nice architecture in one of the mall in city.

Grafitti walls, taken in lorong full of rubbish. lol. but nice wall.

Dinner at Lygon Street. Not having Italian food, but NASI LEMAK as Tricia was craving for M'sian food. :P Tastes good but a bit expensive for a plate of nasi lemak. Jeremy joined us for dinner after our shopping spree. Look at his face... Bz eating till dowan to take pic.

Taken along Southgate.

Federation Square...

Our last stop was Crown Casino. Of coz we din play.. can't afford to loose aussie dollars. lol..

Went back home after going to 6 different places. Took heaps of trams during the day.

Remember i said we went to Bridge Road? This was wat we bought. It was sooooo cheap. I'm not going to reveal the price though. But for my stack of stuff, (which consist of 3 big bags, 1 small sling bag, 2 wallets, 6 panties, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of earings, a necklace, 1 top and 1 body scrub from body shop) it was about $20 for all of that. lol.. Guess how much is one item. *evil laugh

But look at Tricia's stack. She was the overall winner as she bought the most stuff.

Promoting our stufffffff..........

That's the end of day 2....... More to come... Tired tired...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Coffee & Cocoa

2 days ago,Yumeko was telling me that there's a notice where there's someone who wanted to give away their guinea pigs .

She intend to have one. My 1st reaction of coz was excited but at the same time there is this question popped up ....

Who's going to take care of them when we left???

Yumeko was saying we can either let them go free in the jungle... but, will it die if we just leave them there? Then suddenly we tought of another friend of ours who will be staying for another year. So straight away i msged her to ask her about it. Good news is, she's willing to take care of it, but the same question popped up again. Who's going to take k of them pulak when their turn to leave?


Eventually 3 of us decided to get one. Dont care so much coz the guinea piggies are way tooo cute d. lol.. Moreover its free! haha.. Sharing out all the expenses shouldn't be tat expensive i guess.

That day itself, i called the owner who posted up the notice. She said it's best to go over to her house and take a look at the guinea pigs and choose ourselves. Since her house is just around our neighbourhood, we decided to go and have a look.

3 of us woke up earlier than usual to get our cutie guinea pigs this morning as the owner will only available that time. The excited and happy us went n found the owner's hse. When we reached, omg, her (the lady owner) house was just full of guinea pigs in her back yard. Some of them were running around cageless while some of them were caged. She told us that one of her female guinea pig is pregnant now and there will be more babies to come after a few weeks time. That's y she's giving away the other batch of guinea pigs which is only 5 weeks old.

There they are..... still in the backyard.

These are the cageless guinea pigs who are free to run around the backyard. Saw the pregnant mother? She'll b giving birth in a few weeks time. hmm.. Really breedable animals....

Awww.. Aren't they cute....

In the end, we had to take 2 males as the owner told guinea pigs can't live alone as they need companionship. Since we dun have any cage for them yet, we had to put them into a box temporarily.

Can tell the owner is really an animal lover. She loves every single one of them and i'm sure she wouldn't want to give them away if she can rare all of them.

Yay! So now we've got another 2 new family member in Union Street Apartment. Aside form Mr and Mrs Possum, Mr Mickey Mouse, we have Coffee and Cocoa the brothers. lol.

Introducing Cocoa... the black with a lil white fur on it.

And the notty Coffee.... the brownish one...

We were looking for a cheap and affordable cage when we were doing our grocery shopping. too bad there wasn't any cheap cage for our lovey dovey. On our way back from grocery shopping, we saw this huge container which we thought would suit our piggies at home. It's actually a storage container, not cage but i think it would be big enough for them. Plus it wasn't too expensive. Affordable for us poor

Jeremy was "renovating" the new cage / container. lol.

Here's Coffee & Cocoa in their new "mansion"...

They just reminds me of my xiao bai(rabbit) and my ham ham back home. And these guinea pigs' is jus like a combination of rabbit n hamsters. lol.

Btw, we just discovered that we have another new neighbour who's always bising on our rooftop. Introducing Ms Pigeon....

That's our house's kitchen. So everyday, we can hear her singing. ~~~La la lu la lo li..... Bising bising...~~

Friday, September 14, 2007

My very own parcel

I've got this subject in uni which is compiling portfolio. By means i need to dig out all my old works and choose whichever that suits to put in my folio. Too bad, my college years works weren't that fantastic. Regretted why i din do better which i should have. *Sigh.

But lucky still, i still have one more chance to work on my folio this final semester in uni.

As all of u know i'm currently in Melb now, how am i suppose to get my works where some of them were left in KL? The thing is, we have to shoot our old works, print it out and compile in the folio. Worst, the photoshoot is going to be coming wednesday. *SHOOT

I was doubting whether should i ask my mum to send me some of my works which i did not bring over. It wasn't that great either. But i kinda like wat i did although i did not score high marks for tat. I discussed with my mum abt that and she said its ok to send over. Just that if its normal post, it will take approx 2 weeks to reach here. Then cannot make it for the photoshoot d. Aih.. No choice but to take the pos laju which will take abt 4 days to reach. N of coz the faster it is, the more expensive it will be.

I din know how much exactly will the parcel be. And when my mum told me the price, i was like.. "wah" tat 2 tiny stuff oso need tat expensive. But of coz its bcoz they use pos laju to send to me. Aiks..

I've been checking my mail box everyday while waiting for my parcel to arrive. Quite enthusiastic about it as this is my first time receiving stuff back home though is just my old works. lol.

Eventually, last 2 days, i got the notice that my parcel has arrived in Melb and i was told to collect it at the nearest post office. Hence, i went to d post office right after i saw that notice.

Walk home happily after receiving that parcel. Finally my own parcel. :P

Pos laju... Dun play play.. lol..

Once i buka the parcel, this is wat happened!!!! SPOILED! wat the ****..... How can they do this to me?

Paid so much in the end i got this.... Dissapointed! Who's fault? Pos Malaysia or Australia Post?

*Sighs... My mum already emphasizes the "FRAGILE" word big big there... Repeat it twice sommore.. BUTA kah? Mayb my mum should write the "fragile" word in malay. Incase some of the pos M'sia ppl dun un Eng. Aih..

Though i glued it to hide the "ugliness", it will be hard for me to shoot too. Really test my photography skill ya. hmm.. SAD LAH.. :(