Friday, September 14, 2007

My very own parcel

I've got this subject in uni which is compiling portfolio. By means i need to dig out all my old works and choose whichever that suits to put in my folio. Too bad, my college years works weren't that fantastic. Regretted why i din do better which i should have. *Sigh.

But lucky still, i still have one more chance to work on my folio this final semester in uni.

As all of u know i'm currently in Melb now, how am i suppose to get my works where some of them were left in KL? The thing is, we have to shoot our old works, print it out and compile in the folio. Worst, the photoshoot is going to be coming wednesday. *SHOOT

I was doubting whether should i ask my mum to send me some of my works which i did not bring over. It wasn't that great either. But i kinda like wat i did although i did not score high marks for tat. I discussed with my mum abt that and she said its ok to send over. Just that if its normal post, it will take approx 2 weeks to reach here. Then cannot make it for the photoshoot d. Aih.. No choice but to take the pos laju which will take abt 4 days to reach. N of coz the faster it is, the more expensive it will be.

I din know how much exactly will the parcel be. And when my mum told me the price, i was like.. "wah" tat 2 tiny stuff oso need tat expensive. But of coz its bcoz they use pos laju to send to me. Aiks..

I've been checking my mail box everyday while waiting for my parcel to arrive. Quite enthusiastic about it as this is my first time receiving stuff back home though is just my old works. lol.

Eventually, last 2 days, i got the notice that my parcel has arrived in Melb and i was told to collect it at the nearest post office. Hence, i went to d post office right after i saw that notice.

Walk home happily after receiving that parcel. Finally my own parcel. :P

Pos laju... Dun play play.. lol..

Once i buka the parcel, this is wat happened!!!! SPOILED! wat the ****..... How can they do this to me?

Paid so much in the end i got this.... Dissapointed! Who's fault? Pos Malaysia or Australia Post?

*Sighs... My mum already emphasizes the "FRAGILE" word big big there... Repeat it twice sommore.. BUTA kah? Mayb my mum should write the "fragile" word in malay. Incase some of the pos M'sia ppl dun un Eng. Aih..

Though i glued it to hide the "ugliness", it will be hard for me to shoot too. Really test my photography skill ya. hmm.. SAD LAH.. :(

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