Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 3

Day 3 outing was only Tricia and me, without Yumeko as she has got other things to do. So, being the only tour guide for that day, need to do some research on the locations the day b4.

So day 3 itenarary was:
1. Victoria Market
2. Melbourne museum
3. Melbourne Parliament
4. Christ Church
5. State Library
6. Melbourne Central
7. Observation Deck
8. Jam Factory (South Yarra)

Fuhhh... 8 places in a day. Rush like hell man. Samo the shops all close at 5pm. Really have to plan the time properly.

The 1st stop was Victoria Market, a must go place in Melbourne oso.

Y a must go place? Coz they sell cheap stuff oso sometimes. Like the strawberry i had was 3 boxes for $2. Cheap!! Besides selling meat & vege, they do have variety of stuff too like clothes, shoes, souvenier and loads more. (help to promote a

Next to Melbourne Museum.. Don't think that i brought my tourist to those boring places infact the museum was so gooooood. It's not like what we had back in M'sia, dark, secluded and like haunted that kinda museum. Everything in the museum was so interesting. Something like a science centre where a lot of interactive stuff going on.The museum was sooo huge. We need about 3 hours to walk n explore every section but bcoz of the limited time we had, we had to jus absorb & scan thru every section really fast.

Real bee hive in the museum... Bzzzbzbzbzbzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Not too sure wat that was though. Should be a turtle's shell..

Went taking pic in one of the church in city after museum. The church was so huge with nice architecture tooo..

On our way back, passed by Parliament to took some snapshots of it...

To the state library we go. Quite interactive as well, not like our Perpustakaan Negara..

This was taken at the kids corner...

Exhausted + tired + hungry = Krispy Kreme doughnuts for tea time in Melbourne Central.

Yum Yum... once again, how to diet lehh... can see me getting rounder n rounder...

Observation deck was our last stop in city. Since i've been there once, so there's nothing for me to shoot d.

Nice sunset...

Caught up with Natalie (Tricia's fren & my collegue) and went back home 2gether. We still have another place to go b4 we wrap up our day..

Back at home, Jeremy cooked pan mee for 6 ppl included himself.. lol. Stress stress to cook for so many people. I helped out a lil' once we got home. Luckily it was nice.. lol..

Tricia & me eating.. yum yum..~

Everyone bz eating.... coz rushing to somewhere...

Yea, we r rushing to South Yarra for Ratatouille...

100% nice animation. Flawless..... love it till the max... For those of u who havent watch it, go for it! Worth watching..

This was taken after the movie. All of us accompanied Natalie to wait for the last tram to go back city.

I looked superbly tired at the end of the day..

Got home at abt 1 pm. Snorezzzz..~~

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