Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day 4

And finally the last day for Tricia in Melbourne. I wasn't free that day as i 've got a photoshoot and group meeting on the same day. Too bad!

Luckily Yumeko was free to accompany her to walk around Chapel Street and South Yarra. n Tricia, you really can shop huh... ? 3 days in a row d.. lol. Nvrm, ur main objective to Melb is to shop right? hehe...

Taken the night b4 leaving, in my cosy bedroom...

We met for lunch at Lucky Coq for the cheapest pizza in Prahran...

ohh.. time to go to train station for airport shuttle d. sob sob..

Before leaving, we planned to bring Tricia to Koko Black for their chocolate drink, unfortunately they closes at 6. So we went to Max Brenner instead.

Both of us!

Me drinking one of their choc drink. yum yum...

Tricia's hot drink..
Emo, emo~~~ time to go d... Bye bye Tricia.... sobzz... :(

After Tricia left, we went for dinner at Silk. Eating my char kway teow.. not bad though but slightly ex ler...

After dinner, saw this very nice backdrop outside the restaurant n did some silly stuff there... lol.. we were immitating someone~~~

The guys were immitating someone too.... lol..

Went home after a long day... Had so much fun with Tricia though it was just 3 short days. Glad she made it here.

p.s. Tricia, hope u had fun too. Missed that 3 days very much. Looking forward to see u in Sydney!

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