Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some lil' updates

Been rather busy these few weeks. Sneak in some time to update my blog now since i'm tired with works for the time being.

Lets start with the Mid Autumn Fest i had few weeks back. It was awesome though i din get to celeb with my family, but i've got bunch of nice frens here to celeb with.

Since we had one week of holiday, we organised a BBQ party at the park near my apartment. It was a week ahead b4 the Mid Autumn fest. That was a cold night though spring is approaching. I'm not suprise with that as Melbourne is famous with its crazy weather. Everyone was shiverring especially when the wind blew.

A lot of them told us that, OZ ppl normally BBQ at noon or something. Hmm.. weird.. Of coz we as Malaysian prefer to do it at night. Its just the way it is. As usual, Rachel and I did most of the grocery for BBQ and we invited like about 12 ppl. Its just so hard to estimate food for so many ppl.

Anyway, we did all grocery a day b4 that. Marinate all the meats the night b4.

Here comes the fun time!

Some of the meat n seafood...

The "marinator"
(fr left to right: Jeremy, Leeq, Evonne)

Begin the cooking. Looks different from wat we had from M'sia hor. Its a hotplate. No charcoal, no smokes. Basically its just like cooking outside the house. Don't really have those BBQ feeling like wat we had in KL.
Moreover, the street lamp in the park wasnt bright enough. We had to use lantern and hp's light to brighten up the environment. So cham.. But looks romantic.. LOL.

Hmm.. this one a bit like horror movie's wallpaper or something like tat. eerie... ~~

Thru this pic, u'll know how cold tat nite was.

We lighted up the lanterns n hung it on the tree.. Nice..

Since Meng Jiunn's birthday is coming in 2 weeks time from tat day, we planned to have a suprise celebration for him. We worried that we will be pilled up with assignments and have no time to celeb his 21st birthday, so we have it on that nite too.

The pic below shows the progress.

1. Suprise!!!!! (all of us shouted)
2. MJ's shocked face....
3. Julia a.k.a. MJ's "wife" presented him the cake.
4. Make a wish, make a wish~~
5. Jeremy's gift for MJ... hmm...
6.Speech time... " i wanna thank.......... "
7. Pressie giving time. Happy anot? :P

What is a Mid Autumn fest without eating mooncake?

Here comes another fun moment. Pictures time!

We were thinking of taking a family potrait. So we came up with a few different styles of it.

Serious looking..

Funny / playful edition.. (+ a bit retarded)

Malay style family portrait.. With "fake" tudung n songkok..Look at the ghost beside me.. lol.. it was a shower curtain btw. :D

Immitating time!

"Default" Leeq's pose. Must pout the lips.

Johnny's default "BIG SMILE" Show ur teeth everyone!

Yi Xiang's big eyes pose.. Saw my guinea pig.. I was holding it.. lol.

Finally... a normal pic. Relax... and smile!

After all the snapshots, here comes another game for guys....

which was "Battle of the boobies game"

Who do u reckon have the nicest and well-constuct boobs? LOL!!!

My goodnesssss........

Guys will b guys....

Anyway, wrapped up the day at about 11 + as all of them need to rush for train. Hope everyone had fun that nite as i enjoyed very much myself. :)

When's the nexxt party? I'm waiting~~~~~

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