Saturday, May 19, 2007

A short break.

My aunt called me yesterday asking us to have a dinner today. At 1st i was hesitating as there are heaps of works waiting for me. Think again, i need a break too. And plus, her birthday is on this coming Monday. So i promised her to go out n hav dinner together and planned 2 belanja her makan as well.

We discussed earlier on that we wanted to try out the foods in Lygon St. since the place is famous for Italian Foods. We went out at about 6pm and the sky was already so dark, feels like 8/9 pm like tat. On our way there, the traffic was'nt so smooth around Richmond, we guessed there are some events going on. 1st time seeing traffic jam in Melb. haha. My aunt told me there were having some football or cricket match as there's a stadium near the train station.

After that particular area, only then the traffic went smooth again. Reached Lygon St. There were heaps of Italian restaurants on the whole stretch of the street. We were doubting on which restaurant to go to. We reached this particular Italian restaurant whr there's this someone doin promotion & saying tat they'll give us complimentary beverages if we dine in there. Since the weather is superbly cold out there and we dare not walk too far, we jus hopped in that restaurant.

This is wat we ate:

Our Starters :Bruchettas... tastes ok ok only..

Soup of the day... Dunno wat vege soup lah. (doesnt look delicious rite? i think i can cook better).Plus not cheap oso leh, cost us abt $9.50 for this thing. Use cheap vegies sommore.. aiks.

Carbonara with bacon. Hmm.. a bit too oily..

Bolognese Lasagne... This one still ok lah. Cheezie.... yum...

And our desert.. Tiramisu cake for the birthday gal. The taste not like wat we expected it to be. Lembik-lembik one.. Secret Recipe's one so much nicer.. and this thing cost is $11.90!!!!!!!! I rather go eat the one in Crown. hmm..

Conclusion is, we kena con by the free drinks d. haha. N wat's the free drink? It's Sprite, the soft drink. We chose the wrong restaurant d.. sigh. Nvrm, no more next time.

And here's the birthday gal n me! :)

Mr. Tai & birthday gal

No mood to do work again. I'm procrastinating le.... cannot cannot...Back to work lah!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


It has been a tremendously bz month for me.. 3 more weeks b4 deadlines approaching for all my subjects. All my works are still hanging halfway. It's so time consuming and tedious. And i don't know why the lecturers here doesn't seem too helpful. Is it because it's Uni, different from college? When i was in college, we were so used to being pampered by our lecturers. They gave advises and opinions and they are always the last one to go back. Unlike here, it's totally opposite. It's like "u die, u die la, not my problem" that kinda situation. *sighs. I don't wanna die oh..

What to do. Do my best lor. Paid so much to study, cannot cincai-cincai.. (o.o)

No mood to do work but still need to do. *sigh sigh.

Think (+) positively. I'll be free in 3 weeks time.
but (-) negatively, i'll hav to suffer for 3 more weeks.

Aiks... back to work lah.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Mari masak-masak... lol.. B4 i came here, i've never even cooked a meal at home.(except for maggi mee and sometimes fried rice) And now, i have to cook every single day. Aiyo. *Sienz . Every morning have to think of what to cook for dinner. And i have to recall back what my mum usually cook at home so that i hav some ideas on wat to cook.

But i can say, both Jeremy and myself got improvements in our cooking skills la. From zero in cooking till now, can say abit expert d la. lol. Plus we watch cooking tv shows too. and Jeremy's loves Jamie Oliver one of the famous young chef... Hmm.. dun prey prey oh.

This page is oso dedicated to my mum since she wants to know what i cook everyday.

Boiled "ham choy tong" the other day. Not bad though.

Herbal soup oso know wo. haha.. "yok choy tong"

Wan Ton soup. We mixed & chopped the ingredients and wrapped the wan ton ourself . :P

Lemon Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken

Oh, we bought frozen "Roti Canai" too. Taste good oso. With the "dal" together.

Green beans - my all time fav. back home. Fry with carrots and ham.

The most simple dish of all - Tom Yum Fried Rice

One of the simple dish as well. Spagetthi with mushrooms.

To Fu with "lee kum kee" sauce.

I was looking for "sa kot" (chinese turnips) for so long in Melb. I missed the dish "sa kot" with "man tao" in Esquire Kitchen back home . So i wanted to try out that dish myself. Eventually Yumeko saw it in Boxhill and bought for me. This is how it looks like. But dont compare it to Esquire Kitchen's one la. Of coz that one tastes better.

BBQ Chicken wing with beansprout.

2 dishes, one soup. - perfect meal.

This is what i eat when i dont feel like cooking. Pita bread + Mushrooms + tomatoes + lettuce +cheese and place it in microwave. TING! can eat d...

This is what we had yesterday. Carbonara with mushroom soup + wholemeal bread.

N finally, this was wat we had just now. Tom Yum fish + Gyoza. We cooked the gyoza in 3 different style;

1. stir fry

2. soup

3. steam

and the conclusion is, stir fry was the best.

AND our fish was a disaster. HANYIR~~~ YUCK!

I'm not going to buy fish again. Trauma, Trauma.... burrrrppp...

Hunting for sandsss.....

In my previous blog, i mentioned that Jeremy is joining a contest of sculpting a "Sandman". He wasn't too satisfied with what he sculpted AGAIN. He did not use sands to build the 1st 2 sculpture instead he was using mud. He was complaining about the mud so much which made his sculpture din turn out good.

The deadline for the competition was supposingly on Monday and winners to be announced on Tuesday morning. But a notice came out on Tuesday morning saying that the deadline will be extended till 4pm Aus time on the same day. Jeremy decided to make the 3rd sculpture since the deadline was extended. This time, he wanted to get the real sand.

Coincidently, our Tuesday morning class has been cancelled last minute. So, without hesitating, Jeremy and I went down to the nearest beach in St. Kilda to hunt for sands. I wasn't too happy with his desicion to make the 3rd sculpture as he already submitted 2 & i tought chances of winning a competition is very slim. He insisted to make the 3rd sculpture as he desperately wanted to win the grand prize which is a figure which cost abt RM 1300.

Eventually, we still went to the beach.... to curi sands.. (shhh... luckily din get caught for curi-ing the sands) lol. Once we reached, the first thing we saw was this.......

eww... dead JELLYFISH! Not one, not two but there was a few of it lying on the beach..

I'm not 100% sure was it really a dead jelly fish... Wat say u guys?

Curi-ing sands..

The sun was shining too bright, and the winds were blowing too strong pulak..

After curi-ing the sands, faster head home to start building the sculpture.

Look at the "semangat-ed" Jeremy Tai..

Ta Daaa...... The 3rd sculpture...

Nice? Must say nice oh. Purposely went curi sands and built till hands oso shaking.. lol.

UNFORTUNATELY, it wasn't a good news from the competition. Winner was announced this morning. He did not win anything! How can this be?? The winner's sandman wasn't that fantastic afterall. It was wayyy to simple.. I wasn't really sure how they judge it. *sighs. Hmm... if u guys wanna see, visit the site:

So, i wanna take this oppurtunity to tell Jeremy. Don't be so upset for not winning the competition. I know you have done your very best! Cheer up! :)

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pole Dancing?

Lazy lazy day for me. Woke up so late and yet feel so sleepy. Jeremy went out to get his free spiderman comic while i was chatting with my mum on skype. He called back and asked if i could go out and get another free comic for him.. as one person only entitles one free comic. (0.0)wat to do, the spidey fan wants it, so have to go out oso...

After grabbing the free stuff, walked along Chapel St. again.

And guess wat we saw....
POLE the middle of no where... The girls were pole dancing without music and a bit like "syok sendiri" that kinda feel. lol. And they cause the place crowded with people and CARS as all the drivers oso wanna see the sexy pole dancing girls.

Hmm... i think they were promoting some sort of pub or club around that area. A great way to create awareness.. using SEDUCTIVE SEXY LADAEE!! All the guys watching there untung la!

May 4th

This is an important date - 4th May..

1. Mum's birthday~>
Happy Birthday Mum!
2. Spiderman 3 (important for the spidey fan) lol.

Well, it was a tired day too. Woke up at 7am as class starts at 8.30am. Fuhh... Class ended at 12.30pm and rushed back home for lunch. Straight after that, rush back to uni again for packaging photoshooting.

This is how it looks like. With nice lighting and geng digital SLR camera. This is a 2 spot color project, it's a packaging for potpourris.

After the photoshooting, jeremy and i went to look for sands. Why? He wanted to join the spiderman competition and the competition requires him to sculpt a "Sandman", one the villain from Spiderman 3. We couldn't find sands however we found something that looks like sand. lol. At 1st he did one with the sandman's face but he wasn't too satisfied with it, so he made another one. It turns out quite nice though.

Well, hopefully he can win the competition la since he tried so hard to build the sculpture.

When it was almost time to go out for our movie, our landlady came and this time is to collect our rent. She really came at the wrong time and we couldn't catch the earlier train. No choice le. So we have to take the next train. Luckily we still can make it before the movie. Orelse the spidey fan sure angry.

Reached Hoyts at Melb Central. Thinking back, its been a while since i watched my last movie. This is my 1st ever movie in Melb. B4 entering the cinema, we saw Sony Ericsson was doing some spidey promo. Each of us were given cards to scratch. Depending on how many spideys we scratched, we'll have different gifts. I've got only one scratch with spidey wherelse jeremy had 2. So, this is wat we got :

Mine is the hp strap and Jeremy's hp holder. Quite nice though plus its FREE!

Hoyts is a nice big cinema with big seats compared to our GSC and TGV. Unfortunately, our seats were too front and its rather hard to watch to movie. We couldn't change our seats though we booked our tics online. Too bad lah. Paid so much but couldn't really enjoy the experience.

Before the movie (still looking anxious and happy):

After the movie, look at our spidey's fan reaction:

I'm sure some of u should know how the movie was based on his reaction.

The girls group:

Wanted to go for Max Brenner for chocolatess but we can't as we need to catch the last train by 12.15am. By the time the movie ended, it was already 11pm. Plus Max Brenner closes at 12am. Wat to do, go back home lor. Haih. really no nite life in Melb.