Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Mari masak-masak... lol.. B4 i came here, i've never even cooked a meal at home.(except for maggi mee and sometimes fried rice) And now, i have to cook every single day. Aiyo. *Sienz . Every morning have to think of what to cook for dinner. And i have to recall back what my mum usually cook at home so that i hav some ideas on wat to cook.

But i can say, both Jeremy and myself got improvements in our cooking skills la. From zero in cooking till now, can say abit expert d la. lol. Plus we watch cooking tv shows too. and Jeremy's loves Jamie Oliver one of the famous young chef... Hmm.. dun prey prey oh.

This page is oso dedicated to my mum since she wants to know what i cook everyday.

Boiled "ham choy tong" the other day. Not bad though.

Herbal soup oso know wo. haha.. "yok choy tong"

Wan Ton soup. We mixed & chopped the ingredients and wrapped the wan ton ourself . :P

Lemon Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken

Oh, we bought frozen "Roti Canai" too. Taste good oso. With the "dal" together.

Green beans - my all time fav. back home. Fry with carrots and ham.

The most simple dish of all - Tom Yum Fried Rice

One of the simple dish as well. Spagetthi with mushrooms.

To Fu with "lee kum kee" sauce.

I was looking for "sa kot" (chinese turnips) for so long in Melb. I missed the dish "sa kot" with "man tao" in Esquire Kitchen back home . So i wanted to try out that dish myself. Eventually Yumeko saw it in Boxhill and bought for me. This is how it looks like. But dont compare it to Esquire Kitchen's one la. Of coz that one tastes better.

BBQ Chicken wing with beansprout.

2 dishes, one soup. - perfect meal.

This is what i eat when i dont feel like cooking. Pita bread + Mushrooms + tomatoes + lettuce +cheese and place it in microwave. TING! can eat d...

This is what we had yesterday. Carbonara with mushroom soup + wholemeal bread.

N finally, this was wat we had just now. Tom Yum fish + Gyoza. We cooked the gyoza in 3 different style;

1. stir fry

2. soup

3. steam

and the conclusion is, stir fry was the best.

AND our fish was a disaster. HANYIR~~~ YUCK!

I'm not going to buy fish again. Trauma, Trauma.... burrrrppp...

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