Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hunting for sandsss.....

In my previous blog, i mentioned that Jeremy is joining a contest of sculpting a "Sandman". He wasn't too satisfied with what he sculpted AGAIN. He did not use sands to build the 1st 2 sculpture instead he was using mud. He was complaining about the mud so much which made his sculpture din turn out good.

The deadline for the competition was supposingly on Monday and winners to be announced on Tuesday morning. But a notice came out on Tuesday morning saying that the deadline will be extended till 4pm Aus time on the same day. Jeremy decided to make the 3rd sculpture since the deadline was extended. This time, he wanted to get the real sand.

Coincidently, our Tuesday morning class has been cancelled last minute. So, without hesitating, Jeremy and I went down to the nearest beach in St. Kilda to hunt for sands. I wasn't too happy with his desicion to make the 3rd sculpture as he already submitted 2 & i tought chances of winning a competition is very slim. He insisted to make the 3rd sculpture as he desperately wanted to win the grand prize which is a figure which cost abt RM 1300.

Eventually, we still went to the beach.... to curi sands.. (shhh... luckily din get caught for curi-ing the sands) lol. Once we reached, the first thing we saw was this.......

eww... dead JELLYFISH! Not one, not two but there was a few of it lying on the beach..

I'm not 100% sure was it really a dead jelly fish... Wat say u guys?

Curi-ing sands..

The sun was shining too bright, and the winds were blowing too strong pulak..

After curi-ing the sands, faster head home to start building the sculpture.

Look at the "semangat-ed" Jeremy Tai..

Ta Daaa...... The 3rd sculpture...

Nice? Must say nice oh. Purposely went curi sands and built till hands oso shaking.. lol.

UNFORTUNATELY, it wasn't a good news from the competition. Winner was announced this morning. He did not win anything! How can this be?? The winner's sandman wasn't that fantastic afterall. It was wayyy to simple.. I wasn't really sure how they judge it. *sighs. Hmm... if u guys wanna see, visit the site:

So, i wanna take this oppurtunity to tell Jeremy. Don't be so upset for not winning the competition. I know you have done your very best! Cheer up! :)

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