Saturday, May 19, 2007

A short break.

My aunt called me yesterday asking us to have a dinner today. At 1st i was hesitating as there are heaps of works waiting for me. Think again, i need a break too. And plus, her birthday is on this coming Monday. So i promised her to go out n hav dinner together and planned 2 belanja her makan as well.

We discussed earlier on that we wanted to try out the foods in Lygon St. since the place is famous for Italian Foods. We went out at about 6pm and the sky was already so dark, feels like 8/9 pm like tat. On our way there, the traffic was'nt so smooth around Richmond, we guessed there are some events going on. 1st time seeing traffic jam in Melb. haha. My aunt told me there were having some football or cricket match as there's a stadium near the train station.

After that particular area, only then the traffic went smooth again. Reached Lygon St. There were heaps of Italian restaurants on the whole stretch of the street. We were doubting on which restaurant to go to. We reached this particular Italian restaurant whr there's this someone doin promotion & saying tat they'll give us complimentary beverages if we dine in there. Since the weather is superbly cold out there and we dare not walk too far, we jus hopped in that restaurant.

This is wat we ate:

Our Starters :Bruchettas... tastes ok ok only..

Soup of the day... Dunno wat vege soup lah. (doesnt look delicious rite? i think i can cook better).Plus not cheap oso leh, cost us abt $9.50 for this thing. Use cheap vegies sommore.. aiks.

Carbonara with bacon. Hmm.. a bit too oily..

Bolognese Lasagne... This one still ok lah. Cheezie.... yum...

And our desert.. Tiramisu cake for the birthday gal. The taste not like wat we expected it to be. Lembik-lembik one.. Secret Recipe's one so much nicer.. and this thing cost is $11.90!!!!!!!! I rather go eat the one in Crown. hmm..

Conclusion is, we kena con by the free drinks d. haha. N wat's the free drink? It's Sprite, the soft drink. We chose the wrong restaurant d.. sigh. Nvrm, no more next time.

And here's the birthday gal n me! :)

Mr. Tai & birthday gal

No mood to do work again. I'm procrastinating le.... cannot cannot...Back to work lah!

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