Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pole Dancing?

Lazy lazy day for me. Woke up so late and yet feel so sleepy. Jeremy went out to get his free spiderman comic while i was chatting with my mum on skype. He called back and asked if i could go out and get another free comic for him.. as one person only entitles one free comic. (0.0)wat to do, the spidey fan wants it, so have to go out oso...

After grabbing the free stuff, walked along Chapel St. again.

And guess wat we saw....
POLE the middle of no where... The girls were pole dancing without music and a bit like "syok sendiri" that kinda feel. lol. And they cause the place crowded with people and CARS as all the drivers oso wanna see the sexy pole dancing girls.

Hmm... i think they were promoting some sort of pub or club around that area. A great way to create awareness.. using SEDUCTIVE SEXY LADAEE!! All the guys watching there untung la!

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