Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another bad day!

sigh sigh sigh sign n sighssss.....

What is going on now?Is it really my problem? This is no good at all.

I was helping one my of AD to rush some of his work last nite. Yea, helping kay. He asked me to create some visuals for him and asked me to show it to him the next morning as he gotta rush to somewhere else. And so i did it b4 goin home.

To my surprise, when i got into the office this morning, he was sitting at my place. I tot he wanted to improvise my design n show it to clients. BUT NOT. He was creating his own version of the visuals. I kept quiet and stood next to him. After finishing all his designs, he asked me to improvise on one of the visuals which i did last nite. So i did it again.

When i came back from lunch this noon, there he was, sitting on my place again. But this time, he was relaunching all my programs. So i suspected my com hanged when he was trying to transfer the files to his com. Part of the things i've done which i din save it, GONE. It wasnt a lot, and i dont mind redoing it. What pisses me off was, that fella is cursing with his well known chinese vulgar words to my poor mac. Saying its dam f**king slow n made my mac hanged.

I was very angry as he made my com hanged that time and worst he told me,

"Evonne, if you know ur com cannot support so many things, dont keep it. All these (pointing towards the improvise visuals i did) can delete."

There and then, he presses the backspace button. Yes, he DELETED MY VISUALS without telling me why. Its like u got killed but yet u dunno the reason. I kept quiet still.

1st, he made my com hanged, n i have to redo my stuff. He never apologize.
2nd, he deleted the works i did without telling me why.

If u were me, wat will u do? I felt so useless. Might as well u do the visuals yourself. Y wanna waste my time?

To add my anger, the stupid AD even asked me to mount his stuff onto the a3 mounting board. In a rude way. Without any please or thank you. Nevermind, i do it for him. I started showing my "beh song" face to him. BLACK to him all the time.

walao eh... how can this people live on earth? Send him to Mars please. sighs.

I didnt want to talk to him the rest of the day. Till abt 6 ish. I was rushing for my own works. He got his feedback for his visuals that he did this morning. Some changes to be made.

I sensed he will ask me to do it. He went to the visualizer 1st, but the visualizer were to busy at that time. Then he came to my place. I've guessed it right la, asked me to help out. He saw me doing my stuff. Asked when's my deadline. I told him next morning, n yet he still insist me to do it. WTF! He asked me to work 2gether with the visualizer so that works can be done faster. In my heart was cursing already. What is this! Are you trying to bully me?!!

Luckily the visualizer helped me. He told me he'll do all 3 of it. Thank god!

Now i clearly know his true colors already. When i couldnt hold my anger anymore, i burst it to a lot of people. I'm surprise to know that, it's not only me who cannot tahan that AD. oh and he's only JUNIOR AD, a 25 year old young guy. Almost all my colleagues cannot take his sucky attitude.

I asked one of my ex colleague abt tat guy.

XXX says:
i think, he is very very bad tempered. and indecisive. not a good person to work with. but an ok friend. he sigh and throw tantrum and make a lot of noise when he's working. super teruk attitude.

Thanks babe. (u know who u are) I felt better after talking to you. Looks like i'm not the only one who felt that way.

Hey U! if so happen you get to read my blog, behave of yourself. Respect others b4 u gain any respect from them.

Thanks to those who console and gave me advises. Appreciate it. :) I'll learn to protect myself, my own rights! Dont u ever try to bully me!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I had a bad day

Recently i'm working on Honda Account on their invitation cards. After some chaotic moments of amendments, and printing out proofs for the invitation cards, the files are ready to be send out to printer.

By right, before files to be sent out to printer, it has to be proof check by art director, copywriter, the account manager and also the clients to reassure there are no mistakes. Even myself have to triple check the files, making sure it is the right one. If anything goes wrong, normally designers will get the blame as we are the one who did the artwork.

So, after sending out the files last 2 days, my AD got a call from the printer this morning. The printer asked about the dates in the invitation cards. As i'm doing 2 different versions for customers and media side, both RSVP dates are different. I started panicking after my AD asked me about it. Right away check my files again. Yeah, it has 2 different dates. OMG. I'm dead this time. How could this happen to me? I called the printer again to see what can be done.

Me: Hello Ms. XXX, this is Evonne calling from XXX. Just wanna check about the invitation card's date.

Printer: There's nothing can be done already now! Everything has been printed and we are rushing to courier it right now! (in a very angry tone)

Evonne: I'm sorry about this. I'll check with my AD and see what can be done on our side. Thanks, bye.

Hung up...... tut tut tut tut....

I tried explaining to my AD. B4 the files were sent out, the account manager (Mr. L) did came to my place and did the amendments himself. I wasn't sure what he amended in my files also. I did not jump to the conclusion n blame it all to Mr. L before i get the confirmation abt the dates error.

But what's weird is, isn't all this supposed to be checked thoroughly before sending out to the printer?

Luckily Mr. AD sided me. Same goes the rest in the Creative group. According to my other colleagues, Mr. L already well known for his unorganized work, and blaming other people for his own fault. Not sure how true is this but i just really wanna find out which is really the right date.

While all these were happening, the Mr. L wasn't in the office.

Just right after lunch, Mr. L came to my place.

Mr. L: Evonne, can i talk to you?

Me: Yeah, i know its about the card isnt it? Is it about the dates?

Mr. L: The dates are correct. It's different for both cards.


Mr. L: But there's another minor mistake u've done. Can u open the file that i've gave u?

shit.... panic... stress.... sighs...

Mr. L :Look at this, u typed it wrongly. Instead of Mr., u typed in Ms. The file that i gave u, its the right one. I did not change this one. I'm not blaming you here Evonne. I just wanna let u know. Luckily the client did not say anything about this. We've already printed out stickers to paste on it.


I reckon Mr. L is trying to defend himself. It's really strange. How could this be wrong. I just copy and paste from the files he gave me earlier. But again, remember i said about the proof check? I admit i made the mistake, but i've reminded Mr. L to check the spelling million times. Plus i've already printed out so many copies, y no one spotted my mistake? It's unfair if i were the only one to be blamed on right?

No choice but to apologize to Mr. L, as it is still my mistake. I told my AD the whole story about this. He did not blame on me as he also knew what Mr. L is like.

Sigh.BIG lesson learn. I had a bad day @ work today. :(

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reunited and it feels so good

It feels really good when u meet up with a long lost friend. Well, not really that long lost anyway.

Met up with my favorite girl, Amanda 2 days ago for lunch, together with Johnny. She was my colleague when i was working part time in Melbourne. She flew down from Sydney, to Singapore and took a coach to KL. Tho we known each other for, erm.. maybe couple of months, it feels like forever. She's only 17 this year, but to me she's a very mature thinking girl with cheerful and bubbly personality. That's y i liked her so much. ^^

Glad she managed to meet up with Johnny and I in Mid Valley during our lunch time. To Dome we go...



We took heaps of pix as we dont know when are we gonna meet again.

There's Johnny... n i oopss... erm.. wat did i do to him, i barely remember.. :P

My Cajun Chicken. Tastes good.. yummm...

Aiks.. too happy till eyes half closed..

Us again..

Time flies during happy moments and its time for me to leave.. Gotta get back to off...

Take care babe. Have a safe journey back Sydney. And also don't give up on your dream to Parson Sch of Design. :)