Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reunited and it feels so good

It feels really good when u meet up with a long lost friend. Well, not really that long lost anyway.

Met up with my favorite girl, Amanda 2 days ago for lunch, together with Johnny. She was my colleague when i was working part time in Melbourne. She flew down from Sydney, to Singapore and took a coach to KL. Tho we known each other for, erm.. maybe couple of months, it feels like forever. She's only 17 this year, but to me she's a very mature thinking girl with cheerful and bubbly personality. That's y i liked her so much. ^^

Glad she managed to meet up with Johnny and I in Mid Valley during our lunch time. To Dome we go...



We took heaps of pix as we dont know when are we gonna meet again.

There's Johnny... n i oopss... erm.. wat did i do to him, i barely remember.. :P

My Cajun Chicken. Tastes good.. yummm...

Aiks.. too happy till eyes half closed..

Us again..

Time flies during happy moments and its time for me to leave.. Gotta get back to off...

Take care babe. Have a safe journey back Sydney. And also don't give up on your dream to Parson Sch of Design. :)

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