Sunday, May 13, 2007


It has been a tremendously bz month for me.. 3 more weeks b4 deadlines approaching for all my subjects. All my works are still hanging halfway. It's so time consuming and tedious. And i don't know why the lecturers here doesn't seem too helpful. Is it because it's Uni, different from college? When i was in college, we were so used to being pampered by our lecturers. They gave advises and opinions and they are always the last one to go back. Unlike here, it's totally opposite. It's like "u die, u die la, not my problem" that kinda situation. *sighs. I don't wanna die oh..

What to do. Do my best lor. Paid so much to study, cannot cincai-cincai.. (o.o)

No mood to do work but still need to do. *sigh sigh.

Think (+) positively. I'll be free in 3 weeks time.
but (-) negatively, i'll hav to suffer for 3 more weeks.

Aiks... back to work lah.

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