Saturday, May 5, 2007

May 4th

This is an important date - 4th May..

1. Mum's birthday~>
Happy Birthday Mum!
2. Spiderman 3 (important for the spidey fan) lol.

Well, it was a tired day too. Woke up at 7am as class starts at 8.30am. Fuhh... Class ended at 12.30pm and rushed back home for lunch. Straight after that, rush back to uni again for packaging photoshooting.

This is how it looks like. With nice lighting and geng digital SLR camera. This is a 2 spot color project, it's a packaging for potpourris.

After the photoshooting, jeremy and i went to look for sands. Why? He wanted to join the spiderman competition and the competition requires him to sculpt a "Sandman", one the villain from Spiderman 3. We couldn't find sands however we found something that looks like sand. lol. At 1st he did one with the sandman's face but he wasn't too satisfied with it, so he made another one. It turns out quite nice though.

Well, hopefully he can win the competition la since he tried so hard to build the sculpture.

When it was almost time to go out for our movie, our landlady came and this time is to collect our rent. She really came at the wrong time and we couldn't catch the earlier train. No choice le. So we have to take the next train. Luckily we still can make it before the movie. Orelse the spidey fan sure angry.

Reached Hoyts at Melb Central. Thinking back, its been a while since i watched my last movie. This is my 1st ever movie in Melb. B4 entering the cinema, we saw Sony Ericsson was doing some spidey promo. Each of us were given cards to scratch. Depending on how many spideys we scratched, we'll have different gifts. I've got only one scratch with spidey wherelse jeremy had 2. So, this is wat we got :

Mine is the hp strap and Jeremy's hp holder. Quite nice though plus its FREE!

Hoyts is a nice big cinema with big seats compared to our GSC and TGV. Unfortunately, our seats were too front and its rather hard to watch to movie. We couldn't change our seats though we booked our tics online. Too bad lah. Paid so much but couldn't really enjoy the experience.

Before the movie (still looking anxious and happy):

After the movie, look at our spidey's fan reaction:

I'm sure some of u should know how the movie was based on his reaction.

The girls group:

Wanted to go for Max Brenner for chocolatess but we can't as we need to catch the last train by 12.15am. By the time the movie ended, it was already 11pm. Plus Max Brenner closes at 12am. Wat to do, go back home lor. Haih. really no nite life in Melb.

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