Saturday, June 2, 2007

3 down, 1 more to go!

1st of June will be the scariest day for those who need to pass up their final projects including us! Everyone was rushing for works b4 tat day arrives. As we are in Adv & graphics course, we need to print lots of stuff. Bcoz of that stupid printings, we hav to go back to uni's com lab in d middle of d nite and do our stuff there so tat we could print straight away. Nvr experience staying back in uni till 2am and walk back with the superbly cold weather. Some of my classmates even camp there for 2-3 days for the sake of finishing the projects for printings. *sigh

Finally the day arrived. Luckily we manage to finish up our stuff and had a good sleep too. Time for submiting our works were 2pm-4pm. So, by around 1pm we already start packing our stuff and get ready to go.

These are the folios tat we need to pass up. Contains all our research, sketches and executions. Each one cost abt $10 for non refillable and $26 for refillables. Luckily we only need one refillable file. But all these already not cheap lehhh...

Look at the panda.. slept for a few hours only.. Y leh? DOTA lor...

Messy living room bcoz of all d rushing.. but consider neat ady coz i pack all the stuff the nite b4.

Messy working place..

Ok.. better go submit works d.

This is oso my 1st time submitting works like this. All our folios will be place in these containers according to subjects.

Arranging my works to be submitted.

Lecturers prepared stickers for us to stick on our folios sommore..

Say bye bye to my paper bag...

Hmm... the whole sem cost me a lot.. Printing itself already about $70.. converted to ringgit will be RM210!!! wahh... plus all the folios leh. hmm... Countless...

Well, this is not the end yet. Another final presentation to go next Tue! Wish me luck! haha..

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