Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Job hunting

Holidays will last for abt 2 months. Been looking for part time jobs lately to KILL my time. Walked around Chapel Street, a lot of shops wanna hire ppl BUT...

"Chef Wanted"
"Baristas with experience"
"Part Time Waitress / Waiter WITH EXPERIENCE Wanted"

Ape ini? Macam mana want to work? I can only cook for myself, how to be a COOK? Plus most of the shops also want experience. We did enquire abt the position for shops who want experienced workers , ended up we were given rude faces as if we dun understand the word "EXPERIENCED".

If we were not given the oppurtunity to work, how are we goin to gain the experience? Further more, even those retail shops need to hav experience. For god sake, how much experience we need to fold clothes? Ridiculous rite?

However, there were one particular shop i saw where they dun require experience. So happy to see tat. Went in the shop n try our luck. The owner asked a lot of Q like;

Where r u from?
What course r u studying?
Which year r u in now?
How long hav u been here?
When will u leave Melbourne?

Banyak question betul... Eventually she said.. "Sorry, we cant hire you as you r in ur 3rd year now. Further more, we need to train you, & by the time we finish training, you'll be leaving d."

*urghhh..... ape ni??

Like tat oso can ah? *Sighs.

I even tried applying for Coles supermarket. So after answering the crappy Q on the application form, waited for days. Finally, they replied.

"On reviewing your application we have determined that your residency status and/or visa conditions do not permit you to fulfil one of the inherent requirements of performing ongoing work for Coles Group Limited. To be eligible for ongoing work, including casual positions, you must have a minimum of 12 months working rights. Consequently, we regret to advise that we are unable to offer you a position."


Anyway, sent out a few resumes in city yesterday. Hopefully there's good news from them ler.
Wish me luck!

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