Friday, June 8, 2007

Fun outing!

The next day after our submission, we planned our 1st outing. Actually the outing was to farewell one of my friend as she's goin back to M'sia for her graduation ceremony. But she will still be coming back la. haha. B4 meeting the rest of my friends for lunch, Rachel, Meng Jiunn, Yumeko, Jeremy n I went to the IMMI main office in Parliament to collect or working visa sticker. Waited for abt 45 mins wherelse the process only last abt 5 mins or so. hmm...

So, next destination... to Melbourne Central to meet up with Yunnie! She told us that there's a shop near Melb Central sells nice n yummy nasi lemak. So, she brought us there.. Manatau.. the shop closes down d. Yunnie said the shop was operated by a malay couple and the serve nice nasi lemak. Gosh.. there goes my nasi lemak tat i've been longing for. Where r u ... my nasi lemak?????

No nasi lemak, move on to plan B. A Hong Kong fast food nearby Melb Central too. They serve foods something like Kim Gary in M'sia. I oredered the set meal "ma po tofu" where they come with a complimentary milk tea. (I miss Kim Gary's yin yong)

While waiting for our foods to be served, this is wat we did..... We analyzed how young girls take pic nowadays and this is their latest trend.. Thanx to Yumeko who edited the pics..

So, here's how our food looks like. Cannot compare with Kim Gary la. Sure kalah teruk..

Stomach full full d, must jalan a bit.. So, to Victoria Market we go! Make full use of my Metcard today.. Took loads of tram d. Reached. BUT, tarak buka??? Din realise they closes on Mon n Wed. Aiksss... Suan ler. Walk around here n there... Nothing to see, no money to buy. Balik lor.. Saw this when we were walking back to the tram station.

an UNDERGROUND TOILET...Sounds creepy doesn't it?

But its not creepy as we tot.. In fact, its pretty clean and bright down there. No one's down there at the moment. Snap a pic 1st. kekeke... Promote the cleanliness...

US. Promoting again. lol.

N the men were promoting their gents too..

That's a wrap! Cheerio!

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