Friday, June 22, 2007

My holidays

Wake up at 12pm.Eat brunch n watch Oprah show. Browse internet. Cook Dinner. Sleep. End of d day.

That's basically wat i do everyday at home during these freaking 2 months holidays. *sigh.

Wat to do. Go out, train ticket $6 ++ per day. Even go out, can see, cannot buy. *sigh

Samo now so cold, go out oso scared.

Walk Chapel St. oso walk till sienz d.

Luckily still got drama to watch. But can b watching drama the whole day? can go nuts like tat.


Saw some flower motives fr the net the other day, gave me an inspiration to do something..


Mayb i should path one family potrait too. lol. keke.. I think i shall explore more on photoshop. Need to improve on my skills. Since i hav plenty of time now. :)

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