Friday, June 22, 2007

Kesejukan yg teramat sejuk

Yeshh.. my title says it all. Its already beginning of winter. Note, only beginning not even half way through winter, which means it will be much more cold than wat i'm experiencing now. How to survive?

Since its so cold now, its best to eat something hot n soupy. My classmates and i decided to make steamboat to celebrate the "dragon boat festival" day which was on last Tuesday. Actually we jus made it for fun since we hav got ntg to do. Bought all the food needed for steamboat. Together with rice dumpling. Here are some of the pics we took on tat day. :)

3 different soup base : Tom Yum, Seafood "ching tong" & Sze Chuan which was damn spicy!

And our mam mam!

Hmm.. i missed the rice dumpling in M'sia. The one we had not as good as back home's.

The participants of steamboat-ing... All acting cute there. haha.

Good points about cold weather is.... its not HOT! lol. N i'm lookng foward to go for skiing! Woo hoo..!

But personally, i'm not a cold person. I sneeze very often. *Ahhh-Choooo! (excuse me). Even though i've experience this kinda cold weather when i went for vacation last time, but its different from wat i felt now. This is so long term... The temperature can go down till 8-9 degrees in d afternoon. If its not windy, then its not so bad. Once the wind blows, my gosh... whole body shivers non-stop.

Other negative points of cold weather include;

- My bajus cannot dry. Need to hang atleast 2-3 days.
- Toilet bowl super cold. Dare not to shit so long. lol.
- Have to heat all my pillows, blanket & bed b4 goin to sleep. Orelse i'll die of cold on bed. :P
- Changing clothes will b a hassle as need to heat all my clothes b4 wearing it.
- I've to wear so many layers, made me look clumsy n FAT!!! especially after i wore my winter jacket. i looked like Michelin Tyre Man Mascot. Have u guys seen him b4?

There he is..

N here's how i looked like.. Sama tak? haha..

Dah lah fat, hav to wear all these to make me look fatter. No choice le, hav to cover everything from head to toe.. Hav to tahan for abt 2 more months b4 winter ends.

Till then, cheers!

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