Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pleasantly suprised!

Woke up late as usual, ate my brunch. Weather wasn't tat good as it was cloudy n cold like any other day. Saw mum online n she told me my lil couz' bro & my aunt will b goin to my hse in a while. So stood there n wait for their arrival while eating my brunch.

Mum "nudged" me through msn when they arrived. Chit chat with them while my lil couz is singing / screaming his baby song. Though i dunno wat is he trying to sing, but it was kinda cute. u know la, all those baby talk. Jeremy went out to his fav store in Chapel St. while i was skyping with them. He said got sale, so he wanted to take a look.

When he came back, i saw this in d plastic bag....

I was like... OMG.... SNOOPY!

I saw this b4 n it cost like $19.90 for one. I wanted to get one, but i think it was too expensive for a pc of toy for that price. Since Jeremy told me they were havin' sale, i'm not sure how much it is after discounted as he dun wanna let me know. I guess they wanna get rid this Christmas edition of Snoopy, tat's y they sell it cheaper than the rest. But still, I LOVE IT! Thanks mr JT!

Eh, then means this year no Christmas prezzie lor????

Some other views:

The Snoopy head can move wan ah.. dun prey prey... lol.

After much forcing n nagging, i finally know d exact price.. muahahahaha.. guess how much??

Boiled "Juk Je Sui" ( Sugar cane) tat morning, n its ready to drink d. Hot n sweet.. nice for such weather. keke.

Now, to the next destination, uncle's place for dinner. B4 reaching his hse, we drop by McD to hav tea time with aunt n JT. n i had cheese cake + cappucino. share share with my aunt wan. hehe. can't finish alone la. JT had a set of big mac too. walao. 4 something can eat so heavy. haha..

Reached uncle place, help him with the cooking. Tonight's dinner, western meal! yum yum. cham lo, jus had my teatime, how to fit all those yummy foods in my stomach?? aiks..

Dinner's served. We had yummy lamb slice, chicken with stuffing, salad, roasted pumpkins, potato n yam. Not much pic taken coz everybody busy taking foods. very messy here n there. keke...

Saw all the bz hands?

Mua salad..

Nottie couz.. dowan to face the cam. hmmph..

Hungry d. wanna go makan now. ciaoz!

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