Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jalan-jalan makan-makan

After the last outing to the HK fast food restaurant, n saw the cheese baked rice that Meng Jiunn ordered, we got inspired all of sudden.

"Hey, y not make tat ourself at home?"

The next day, we prepare all the ingredients we need for cheese baked rice. This includes, minced meat, spagetthi sauce, cabonara sauce ( we want to have 2 sauces), mushrooms and cheese. And also the most important one, RICE.

Fry fry fry, place it in d microwave with the cheese and DING! Easy as 1,2,3! lol.

One time not syok enough (according to mr tai), so we made another cheese baked rice within 2 days. Gosh.... How to diet like tat... cheese cheese cheese...

But this time taste better... mayb added more cheese and plus a pc of chicken on top. and more calorie added lor!!

Last 2 weeks, in order to celebrate our freedom after submitted all of our projects, we cooked this:

Our 1st western food in Aus...

This is for my ma ma to see wat i've cook.. She jus wanna make sure i ate healthily. Sorry if all these food posts bored u guys. haha..

As i said b4 in my older post, we seldom eat out. Must appreciate wat we ate outside by taking pics of it. lol. n this is for my cousin to see as well. Since he wants to know wat kind of food we hav in Melb. Nothing special oso la. haha.

Top pic: Burgers at Grill'd. Yummy burgers but super expensive.
Bottom pic: Char Siew rice and Beef noodle. Nice foods but bad service. Really really BAD!
I'm not goin to mention the name tat restaurant though (its somewhere near city). According to my fren, these "waitress" (all of them are girls) who i believe are hongkies, will treat every customers differently depending on whether u hav black or blonde hair. (i'm not saying all hongkies are like tat, some are really nice). My fren evidenced this herself. The waitress knew we chinese ppl sure kiamsiap one, dun giv tips like how the guai lous did, so they dun give a damn n giv stupid ugly faces when they are serving us. Samo we are students, lagi lah.. They even condemed those customers who don't give them tips with bad languages even when other customers are around. Saying something like
"that idiot give so lil' tips, waste my time serve them so good" ...
Some even scolded with 4 letter words right after the customers left the restaurant. WAT THE??? If its not bcoz of the food, NO WAY i'm goin back there again. Seeing all those ugly faces. Melampau! Hmmph!

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