Saturday, October 20, 2007


On the exact day of the Mid Autumn Fest which was 25th of Sept, again, 3 of us, Jeremy, Yumeko & I celebrated at home.

We hung lanterns at our balcony, ate mooncake and played with sparkels.. LOL. Syok sendiri..

So let the pics do the talking...

Start of with the beautiful, big, bright moon. Really nice.

Our colorful lanterns..

Piggie lantern made by Yumeko in conjuction of the pig year.. :P

Me and the colorful lanterns. Colours made me happy!!

3 of us playing sparkle sparkle AGAIN.

Last but not least, MOONCAKES! Mooncakes here were'nt cheap at all. I bought one myself, cost me AUD$6 for one miserable pc. hmm.. Since its only once a year, cant be bothered lar. lol.


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