Sunday, October 21, 2007


Thru my title, i'm sure all of u would have know how i've been so far. My semester is going to end in 2 weeks time. By then, there'll be no more studies, no more stress and pressure for assignments.

Is it a good thing? Hmm.. dilemma.. But still, I'm goin to miss study life and my one year life here in Melbourne. Really memorable. Starting to love the environment here ady. Feels that time is moving too fast this year. Loads of great things happening, and at the same time there are some issues goin on back home.

Well, i guess i just need to be more optimistic. Everything can be solved no matter how. At the moment, i have 4 major assignments in hand. 2 of them already 80% done and another 2 is still progressing. Hopefully i can get it done b4 deadline . Too much to think now. Not sure which one to focus on.

Working and studying at the same time ain't that easy. Most of my OZs frens are doing that too but they seems ok with it. Maybe they are used to that kinda situation as they study and work part time since high school. Whereas, to be compared, most M'sians will not do that. For me, if i study means no work. Vice versa. Too pampered ady which is not good.

okie dokie. assignments calling ! ciaoz!

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