Saturday, November 3, 2007

2nd Nov 2007

It was a blast day for me on 2nd nov.

Coz it was my BIRTHDAY!!

I would like to thank a lot a lot of people who made the effort to celeb this special day with me.

Thanks to:

Mum, dad, bro, aunt nee, couzzie Ee Ling & Ming Yee and everyone in the family who remembered my birthday and send me wishes. i love the card so so much mum. Good job. Though u cant get a snoopy but atleast u got me a doggy. :P


So po Leng, thanks for the effort of making me a gif file in ur blog. That's so sweet of u.. If u guys wanna view it, feel free to visit . Thanx so so much again.

I've received a parcel from my darling Tricia too. So sweet of her to send me chocolates that made from Barthust. Though it will increase my waistline, but because of u, i will eat it! muahahahaha...

Uni mates who showered me gifts and suprised me with a celebrations at my workplace. It was truly a suprise that i never expected. Yumeko, Rachel, Celeste, Yi Xiang, Leeq, Meng Jiunn, Yunnie, Pauline, Johnny, Daya and of coz my dear Jeremy. Hehe. U guys rock! Also to Ash and Julia, thanks for the pressie. See u guys soon in uni!

Especially thanks to Mr Tai as well, who purposely dowan to wish me when the clock strikes 12am, 2nd nov. :P He "hired" a 'delivery girl' a.k.a. Michelle (Celeste) to send me a parcel. She delivered it to my doorstep but still i dunno that Jeremy was the one who buy me the present. *hugz ;)

Also for those who sent me message thru my mobile, blog and friendster....

Toh, Jess, Jon, Ram, Fang, Poh Boon, Marianne, SY, Caryn, Lynda, Soon, Tina, Shenny, Pauline, Eugene, Carmen, Alvin, Kelly, Kevin, Joanna, Soo Yee, Jia Wen, Mun Kiat, Auota, Sean, Andrew...

Gosh... too many to thank! Did i miss anyone out?? Hopefully not.. :P


Will upload pics soon... very soon.. :)

**p.s. Those who did not / forget to wish me... BEWARE.. LOL...

Assignments calling, ciaoz!

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