Thursday, November 22, 2007

Birthday pics!

As promised, i've uploaded some pics from my 22nd.

I really never expect any celebration for my birthday this year as it was stuck in between all my assignments due date. Worst of all, i need to work till 1opm on my big day!

But it was all good in the end. I was showered with pressies, loaded with sms and messages from family and friends. I was the luckiest girl that day. lol. Thanks to ppl that made the effort to plan a suprise celebration at my work place. It was a memorable 22nd in Melbourne for me.

Got this package from my darling 2 days b4 2nd nov.. Was wondering hard when i got a memo from post office asking me to get a package. Wonder who send me stuff.. :P So sweet of her to send me chocs all the way from Barthust!

Got this birthday card right on my birthday from home. So happy to see something tangible sent all the way from Malaysia.

p.s. mom, u shouldn't have ask me whether did i receive anything from KL. No suprise d. :P

N here's the whole suprise process. From friends waiting outside my workplace to my suprised look with the beautiful cake i got! Yummyliciousss....

Great people that made the party happened! U guys were just superb!

n I was wearing my uniform while celebrating my birthday. haha. so funny....

Pressies time. Look how happy i was when receiving the gifts...

Pressies of 2007!

Pics clock wise: Wallet from aunt, handmade Snoopy from Yumeko, chocs from darling Tricia, Snoopy bottle from Meng Jiunn, Julia, Ash n Johnny, Choc Fondue Set from Leeq, Celeste, Rachel ,Yi Xiang, Daya, Yunnie n Pauline and last but not least ...... Snoopy Bobble Head from Mr Tai... :) Thanks everybody..

Picture with my handmade snoopy creator, Yumeko! Thanks a lot, that was really a nice effort of u making me a snoopy!

All the pressie pressie...

I had soooo much fun. Hope everyone enjoyed that nite like how i had. :)

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