Tuesday, September 4, 2007


It's a Tuesday. Went to work as usual today. Was praying hard so that i won't get to arrange the new stocks for drinks again like wat i said in the previous post. But i was all prepared to take the stocks already because new stock for drinks arrive every Tuesdays. *Sighhhh...

Reached my work place and saw my manager. My heart was beating fast. Adrenaline rush. Pls, pls dun ask me to take..

"Evonne, the drinks were late today".....

Goshhh... i was so grateful to hear that from my manager. God heard my prayers. Amitabha. lol...

But does that mean i dont need to arrange the stocks later on? God helped me once again by making the day busier. During the peak time ,e.g. lunch hours, all of the staff cant even leave the food counter, no toilet breaks either. So, it's good. I still can avoid from the stocks. muahaha..

When it was almost 2pm, the crowd became lesser and lesser. It's time for "someone" to go down the store room and refill the stocks in the food counter. Who will it be? Predicted, it's either Rachel or me. No one else will do it except both of us.

Suprisingly, my manager ask another girl, Ruth to take the stocks today. That was a pleasant suprise, i told myself. I quciky went and told Rachel abt this. Before we could really enjoy and celeb we escaped from the stocks,

"Rachel, can you go down to take the stocks with Ruth?" says my manager.

Oh no, Rachel kena again? But i tot Ruth was the one incharge already, why she asks Rachel to go with her?

Then only we realise that Ruth who has been working there for more than half a year, has not been to the store room and take d stocks before. Today was her 1st time doing it. How fair was that huh? Rachel and I worked not more than 2 months already went down more than 10 times. How could she escaped for so long?


Little did we know, my current supervisor who worked there for 4 months only went down once. I bet some of the girls never even went down before. How lucky!

Soon after Rachel and Ruth came back with the stock to be placed in the food bar, they need to go down again to rearrange the new drinks that came late today. I can tell they were tired and not willing to go down again. But atleast they have each other. What about me? I'm all alone ehhh... My manager even told them,

"Normally Evonne will arrange the drinks but they came late today," =.="'

Shitness..... Wat did she meant by that????? means i'll incharge to arrange the stocks from now on????? Kek sei..

Rachel and I gonna complain to another branch manager soon if we sees him. Hopefully he'll understand how we felt.

Sigh... If i could find other better jobs, no way i would stay there. Gave me nightmares only..

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