Thursday, September 13, 2007

What a day

I dreamt a lot last wed night. I dreamt of going back KL to pack my belongings and bring back to Melb. lol. I also dreamt of my friend, Tricia who is coming down from Sydney this coming Sunday. In my dream, she was driving all the way from Sydney and drove me all the way back to KL. Lamo dream. haha...

But my dream ended and my reality nightmare begin when i heard someone's trying to open my room door. I heard Jeremy's voice talking to someone over the phone. Thus, I woke up and open the door and see what's going on. Soon after i open my door, Jeremy who was still in a shocked on his face asking me,

"Aren't you suppose to work today?"......

A moment of silence.. (Still blur and half awake)

SHIT! "What's the time now?" i asked.

"12 something d" he said. OMG. I was supposed to work form 12pm - 7.30pm that day and it was already 12.20pm by then.

I quickly grab my phone and see wat's wrong with it coz i've already set my alarm to wake up at 9am.

What the hell... "EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY"???????

My hp wasn't working at all. Even my alarm. What happened to it??? At that moment, i really panicked and dunno wat to do. Soon after i restart my hp, i've got heaps of messages of missed calls i've got from my workplace and friends. Without wasting my time, i quickly called to my work place to let them know my situation. And i was all prepared to get scolded.

Mr. Supervisor: Hello, ........................(Name of my workplace) Can i help you?
Evonne: Erm, hi is that *****?
Mr.Supervisor: Yes, i am.
Evonne: This is Evonne. I'm so sorry, I'm not sure what happened to my phone, it's just.... ermm... ermm... Can i come later?

I wasn't sure what i said to him as i was still so so blur. But apparently i can tell he was pissed off with me through his voice tone.

Mr Supervisor: You don't need to come for work. I've already got someone to replace you.
Evonne: Oh.. ermm.. well, okay. I'm so sorry about that. Bye.
Mr Supervisor: Bangs the phone. (Not even a bye)


I know it was my fault, but but... i din mean to do that though. All bcoz of my stupid hp. If it wasn't because of that, i would have gone to work d. Sure affect my reputation infront of my supervisor n manager d.

But lucky still, this Mr. Supervisor that i was referring to wasn't my branch supervisor. He was there for 2 weeks just to replace one of my manager who was on leave. By means i won't need to face him d. lol. I told another of my supervisor about my situation. She was actually on training to become a supervisor. Luckily she did not scold me or anything. She tought something bad happened to me. She said since this is my 1st time, it wouldn't really affect me. Hopefully lah.


I nearly gone mad that moment. My day became miserable bcoz of that.Sigh.

I've learnt a lesson through that. Never trust mobile phones. lol. I rely too much on them d. Must buy an alarm clock d. Incase something similar happen again. Hell no! That would be my 1st and last time experience.

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