Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My one week break

During my one week break last week, my darling came all the way from Barthust, NSW to Melbourne to visit me. lol. Don't get me wrong. I'm a very loyal person. haha.. My darling who i was talking about is Tricia.

She came down to Melbourne last Sunday. So happy to see her after 7 months. Too bad her trip here was only 3 short days as both of us were bz at the same time. But these 3 short days were very memorable and fun for us.

Day 1 : Reached Melbourne at 8.45pm

Took this in the train on our way home after dinner. She still look

End of day 1. lol. so fast.. Coz she reached here at night mar.

Day 2's itenarary:

1. Bridge Road shopping spree (warehouse for Esprit, Cotton On, Jeans West & lots more...)
2. City trip ( Melbourne Central, China Town, Federation Square)
3. Smith's Street (warehouse for sports brand - nike, adidas, etc....)
3. Dinner at Lygon
4. Gelato ice cream for desert (Lygon as well)
5. Southgate and Southbank scenary snapshot
6. Crown Casino

See, i'm a good tour guide, i brought my tourist to so many places. But must thanks to Yumeko oso to bring us to those lorong-lorong that i dun even know.

1st stop, Bridge Road...
Btw, this was our results after the 1st stop in Bridge Road. Shopping!!!

Lunch time in a jap restaurant. Had teriyaki don. yum yum!

A must take spot once in Melb. Flinder's Street. lol..

Nice architecture in one of the mall in city.

Grafitti walls, taken in lorong full of rubbish. lol. but nice wall.

Dinner at Lygon Street. Not having Italian food, but NASI LEMAK as Tricia was craving for M'sian food. :P Tastes good but a bit expensive for a plate of nasi lemak. Jeremy joined us for dinner after our shopping spree. Look at his face... Bz eating till dowan to take pic.

Taken along Southgate.

Federation Square...

Our last stop was Crown Casino. Of coz we din play.. can't afford to loose aussie dollars. lol..

Went back home after going to 6 different places. Took heaps of trams during the day.

Remember i said we went to Bridge Road? This was wat we bought. It was sooooo cheap. I'm not going to reveal the price though. But for my stack of stuff, (which consist of 3 big bags, 1 small sling bag, 2 wallets, 6 panties, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of earings, a necklace, 1 top and 1 body scrub from body shop) it was about $20 for all of that. lol.. Guess how much is one item. *evil laugh

But look at Tricia's stack. She was the overall winner as she bought the most stuff.

Promoting our stufffffff..........

That's the end of day 2....... More to come... Tired tired...

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